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Co Location Datacentre

Micron21 provides the peace of mind of having your own dedicated hardware in our secure and highly redundant facility. Deal direct with the datacentre!

Cloud Servers

Leverage the flexibility and robustness of Micron21's virtualised solutions, powered by vCentre to deliver unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

cPanel Hosting

Micron21 offers high quality, affordable &
security-oriented Business Reseller Web Hosting backed up by our renowned support.

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Micron GreenWelcome to Micron21 - Melbourne's Eastern Datacentre

The Micron21 Datacentre is home to thousands of direct clients representing hundreds of thousands of internet websites and cloud services which include local, national and international businesses and government agencies.

Hosting a large array of high end & high profile clients which rely and depend on Micron21 to provide mission critical datacentre services 24 hours a day 365 days a year, our portfolio of services is used across every industry sector both nationally and internationally.

Micron21 delivers mission critical services by controlling and owning our entire world class fully redundant datacentre which provides continuous power, continuous cooling, continuous physical and electronic security and highly redundant data transmission services. Our core business products include: Server Co Location, Virtual and Physical Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services, High Performance Webhosting, Disaster Recovery Solutions, IP Transit, Voice Over IP Networks, Local Microwave and Fibre Services, Security Surveillance and many more services.

Founded on the philosophy that quality of service is paramount, Micron21 prides itself in holding a niche position in the market, offering quick turnarounds to solutions ranging from single websites to complete enterprise grade datacentre solutions.

Micron21 Support

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