Business Continuity

Design contingencies to keep your business operating at the highest capacity.

Whatever the size of a business, a key priority is to stay in business – at all times. That means mitigating threats, monitoring and eliminating potential operational disruptions, and ensuring that vital information is secure and recoverable. Think about what is most important in your business. Then, pick up the phone and talk to us about it.

A business is only as good as its backup solution.

Micron21 offers backup-as-a-service. Our engineers and sales staff are highly experienced in disaster recovery solutions and continuity planning. We have high-level experience implementing water-tight data retention processes for major organisations. We ensure businesses stay online and weather any disaster.

Our engineers are always happy to provide consultation on the best Business Continuity plan and Disaster Recovery solutions for your business.

Why Micron21 for backup solutions?

  • As part of our setup and quoting process, we provide recommendations on suitable backup processes.
  • We advocate keeping multiple backups of operating infrastructure.
  • We offer a variety of backup solutions, each designed to cater for budget limitations.
  • Each of our solutions allows for easy restoration in the event of a data loss or corruption scenario.

Designing solutions for RTO & RPO.

When disaster strikes, the two most important numbers to consider often relate to RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). We can design and implement strategies to optimise both.

Usually, the first two questions a CEO will ask the IT department are:

  • How long before we can get back online? (RTO)
  • How much data have we lost, and how far back do we have to go to recover? (RPO)

In the data retention game, having an RTO and RPO for varying levels of faults is not uncommon. Most businesses with a heavy investment in their IT infrastructure will have a matrix of Impact, Risk and Resolution pathways.

Where Impact is considered high, an RTO is usually the main focus: getting back online within minutes in the event of an unlikely, catastrophic failure. Under most fault conditions, we aim to provide Recovery Time Objectives of single-digit minutes.

Whether Impact is considered high or not, if there is a high risk of data corruption or disaster, an RPO is often considered more important. While getting infrastructure running is a priority, it is often more important that businesses guard against loss of data when restoring from a backup or waiting for recovery.

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