Dark Fibre Solutions

Our packages offer cost effective, carrier grade dark fibre and ethernet services between data centres.

Micron21 Dark Fibre is designed to interconnect major Melbourne data centres, providing direct private access to the security, speed and flexibility of the network. Connections between multiple data centre locations offers a further layer of geographical redundancy.

The Micron21 Dark Fibre offering is designed to interconnect major multi-tenant Melbourne data centres, providing direct private access to the security, speed and flexibility of the network. Additionally, connections between multiple physical data centre locations offer a further layer of geographical redundancy.

The decision to build a duct network at 826 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne was driven by the fact that all existing carriers only maintain infrastructure on the south side of Lorimer Street: they all share the same Telstra duct space.

We identified the opportunity to build a truly diverse, cost-effective network on the north side of Lorimer Street. In doing so, we provide businesses using data centre services in both NextDC M1 and Equinix ME1 with diverse connectivity.

Why choose Micron21 Dark Fibre Solutions?

  • High availability, with no equipment inline aside from your own.
  • Dedicated, owned-and-operated network for absolute privacy.
  • Full infrastructure ownership – including network ducts – ensures you deal directly with any maintenance party, reducing down-the-line delays.
  • Cost-effective fibre infrastructure for network operators and hosting providers.

NextDC M1 to 826 Lorimer Street Port Melbourne Equinx ME1 Dark Fibre from $300 per month. Call us today on 1300 769 972 to see how our Dark Fibre can work for you.

The Dark Fibre network.

Our point-to-point fibre network between Equinx ME1 and NextDC M1 is engineered to be as direct as possible. It takes the most direct route, diverse from all existing fibre carries on Lorimer Street. Building our network on the north side of Lorimer Street facilitates a service no other carrier can currently provide: a direct diverse path via the shortest physical distance.

We own the cable in the ground, and all of the ducts and pits across the entire network, with fibre service loops and access pits every 200m. Our Network Operation Centre monitors the services 24 hours a day, and we maintain service contracts with splicing vendors for repairs if required. The physical distance between NextDC M1 and Equinix ME1 is 1.6km, however the total fibre length is slightly longer. Once you allow 200m of cable for inside each facility, maintenance loops and road crossings, the total build length is 2.2km.

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Want to know more?

The Micron21 fibre platform supports Ethernet, ATM, SDH, Fibre Channel, CWDM, WDM, or any other laser-based single mode fibre protocol.

As a result, you enjoy full control of any network service. Dictate operation speed and capacity by deploying the transmission technology of your choice over our dedicated fibre.


Micron21 dark fibre is extremely secure. It is purpose built on point-to-point networks that we own and operate. Our entire network is built below ground and does not utilize any aerial cabling.

With a dedicated physical connection between each end point and no outsourced carrier equipment, our dark fibre offers unrivalled capacity for mission critical services.


Robust and dependable, the network is built using Corning cable. Corning is a high-quality locally produced loose-tube fibre, designed as a dry core water-blocking cable with loose tubes around a fibreglass rod for enhanced central strength.

The core is wrapped within a polyethylene sheath and nylon jacketed for additional protection. The network is built in accordance with ASS008 Standards.

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