Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange creates a centralised email resource, empowering businesses to access vital operational data from anywhere in the world.

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Organisations worldwide rely heavily on email systems for critical business processes, contact with customers, suppliers and much more. It's essential that staff can access information from any location, and on a wide variety of devices.

Micron21's Microsoft Hosted Exchange service equips organisations with the ability to store all emails in a central location that is instantly accessible from computers, tablets, mobile, and more.

Regardless of your size or industry, it's likely that your organisation will use email as a central pillar of both internal and external communication. It's worth investing in quality.

  • We deliver an enterprise-grade email environment at a cost-effective rate that is accessible for any business.
  • Hosted Exchange is renowned for being a highly compatible and reliable solution in a variety of industries.
  • Our environment utilises the best anti-spam and anti-virus protection available – Cisco Ironport Technology – to allow for the secure sharing of calendars, contacts, folders, distribution lists and other essential information.
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange increases staff productivity through flexible access to data, while delivering cost effective per-user per-month licensing.

Improve business productivity

Hosted Exchange is more than just a central email repository: it's the world's most powerful email collaboration tool. Users have direct access and capacity to manage contacts, calendars, tasks and email, whether in the office or on the go. The benefits are broad and significant.

A CEO can give read permissions to an executive assistant, providing knowledge of the business' calendar to help with appointment bookings. Meeting requests sent via email are automatically saved to the Hosted Exchange Calendar on acceptance and synced to all devices. Project managers can share contacts when working on a project together without having to trawl through email chains to locate addresses.

Included in Every Plan:

Cloud Email Hosting
With your email in the cloud you can access it from any internet connection, even when the office is having internet issues.
Premium Spam Protection
With Cisco Ironport Anti-Spam and Sophos anti-virus, your email is scanned by best-in-class software before being delivered to your mailbox.
Backup and Journaling
Unlike Office 365, our email system is backed up daily, and journaling allows for recovery of emails deleted up to 30 days ago.
24/7 Australian Support
No more waiting on hold to speak to someone halfway around the world. Our support team is available by phone or email 24 hours a day.


What is POP3?

POP3 is a legacy method of accessing your emails. In a POP3 situation, your device downloads a copy of an email from a server. Once downloaded, the server considers this message seen, and deletes the server-side copy of the email address.

This is not a recommended method of accessing your email, as once it is downloaded, you will most likely not be able to access that email on any other device.

What is IMAP?

IMAP is a replacement method of accessing your email from your phone or PC. In an IMAP situation, your device downloads a copy of an email from the server, and stores a local copy of this email, while retaining the original emails on the server. Any changes you make on your PC are communicated to the server next time you connect, however any changes made in webmail won’t reflect on your device or in Outlook.

What is ActiveSync?

ActiveSync is a modern method of accessing your email and associated data. Your device interacts directly with the email server to display, send and delete emails, maintaining synchronization between your device and the mail server, so you see the same mail situation across all of your devices. If you have low space available on your device, you can view mail direct from the server without downloading a copy.

ActiveSync is also capable of syncing both your contacts and calendars between your mailbox and devices. This is handy as these details are available across all of your devices, including PC, Laptop, Phone and Tablet.

What is Roundcube?

Roundcube is cPanel’s built-in webmail client. It offers basic functionality to send, receive and delete emails through a web browser.

What is Outlook Web App?

Outlook Web App is Exchange’s built in webmail client. It offers much of the functionality of the Outlook Client included in Microsoft office, including Emails, Calendar and meeting scheduling, and access to your contacts.

Why would I want to sync calendars and contacts?

Syncing your contacts and calendars with your mailbox allows you to have access to these from all of your devices, including PC, Laptop, Phone and Tablet. This is particularly handy when you move to a new phone. Simply set up your mail account on the new device, and all your mail, contacts and calendars will sync to the new phone automatically.

What is SpamAssassin and ClamAV?

SpamAssassin and ClamAV are the basic open-source anti-spam and anti-virus tools included with cPanel. They scan incoming mail and see if emails, links or attachments match any commonly known spam or malware content. These tools catch very obvious and basic spam and virus content, but are not enterprise solutions.

What is Cisco IronPort and Sophos?

Cisco IronPort is our dedicated mail transfer agents, that scans all incoming and outgoing emails for both spam and malware. The anti-spam component utilizes CASE (Cisco Anti-Spam Engine), for detection of spam email, using detection methods such as pattern recognition, global blacklists and others.

Sophos is the advanced anti-virus software used by Cisco IronPort for anti-malware scanning, which utilized more advanced malware detection methods that those of ClamAV or other basic scanners.

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