Virtual Private Servers

Micron21’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a great and cost-effective way to achieve dedicated resources. You need not worry about “noisy neighbours” on a shared cloud web hosting platform anymore. Based on the Linux KVM platform, our VPS platform provides stability and flexibility for our customers at a reasonable price.

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What is Speed Boost?

Upgrade to faster Skylake CPU architecture and take advantage of NVMe SSD storage!

VPS hosting provides a growing business with the best of both worlds: you basically rent your own dedicated ‘slice’ of an existing server!  This means the option is easier and cheaper to set up than dedicated hosting, along with better performance due to increased resources and security than the shared hosting platform.  VPS solutions tend to be highly customisable and scalable.  They provide far greater general control over the server without requiring the hefty price tag and the hassle associated with investing in a dedicated server.  However, if you do have a mission critical application or require a higher level of availability, then consider our VMware cloud servers instead.

Included in Every Plan:

24/7 Phone & Email Support
Highly trained engineers that support the environments they build. Our free support covers all the basics. See our customer care plans for what’s included.
500GB Bandwidth
High Speed 1Gbit Port providing cost effective IP transit and internet throughput.
KVM Virtualization
KVM is a Type-1 bare metal hypervisor built-in to the Linux kernel. This means all the required processes of a hypervisor, such as process scheduling, memory management, I/O and networking are already there. With over 30 years of development at its core, its stood the test of time.
Enterprise Grade Hardware
Micron21’s platform is built on highly reliable DELL enterprise servers.
Speed Boost Option
Your choice of the latest in fast performing disk and Skylake cores if you require additional grunt for your service.
Pre-Built Templates
With pre-built templates for most major server operating systems, it is easier than ever to get started with your new VPS.
Full Suite of Add-Ons
Choose from a range of customisable options, including: cPanel Server, Cloud Linux, Litespeed, Acronis Backups, Firewalls and additional customer care.
VPS Control Panel
Our fully featured control panel gives you complete control over your VPS.
DDoS Protection
2Gbps of guaranteed protection. Same protection behind Australia’s largest internet brands.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a way of partitioning a server into multiple servers. The VPS is a simulated server that allows administrators of the service to customise the server for their own requirements and to maximise performance. A VPS provides the same functionality as a dedicated server, but at only a fraction of the cost. When you choose this hosting option, you’ll essentially be opting for the versatile middle-road between the two other most popular choices: Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting, means you have your very own complete server (no partitioning).  However, the process of setting this up can be quite expensive and difficult, and small-to-medium sized businesses don't tend to have the need nor budget for such a high amount of dedicated resources and capacity that such a dedicated server would be providing.  A much cheaper option is Shared Hosting.  However, issues such as security and resources can become a concern due to the fact businesses are sharing resources with other users that may not necessarily be following best practices when it comes to managing their own environment. That's why many small and medium sized businesses choose VPS Hosting as the versatile middle-ground.

Customise your virtual server package.

All our Virtual Private Servers can be tailored to suit your needs – add memory, CPU, backups, additional licences, bandwidth, and more when you order or upgrade on the fly. Not sure what you need? Use our Build Your Own tool to create the solution that suits your business best.

Our VPS hypervisor is compatible with any Operating System. We can provide installation media for all common operating systems, or you can bring your own. Micron21's support team will help you upload an OVF or ISO, and get the virtual machine up and running in our secure VMware cloud environment.

Micron21 for your VPS Hosting

Enterprise servers built for uptime and high performance that grow with your business.

A Virtual Private Server is an extremely affordable option for dedicated hosting.

FREE cPanel to cPanel migrations or first website included.

With HTML5 console access, resource monitoring, and management functionality, our control panel is fully packed with features.

24/7 Australia customer care plans to suit your IT needs.


What locations are the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosted at?

Micron21's primary location is our Tier IV Data Centre in Kilsyth South, Victoria.  By default, new instances of VPS will be created here.  We also have the facility to provide VPS at our satellite network locations – in Melbourne's CBD, Sydney's CBD, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, or Singapore if need be.

I have special requirements - will Micron21 be able to accommodate it?

Absolutely!  At Micron21, we specialise in providing solutions for special circumstances. All Operating Systems are supported by our Hypervisor. We support network layouts that less flexible hosting locations simply cannot, and we'll help you plan and implement your application with our support team's expertise.

Does Micron21 provide a fully managed VPS?

Yes. Micron21 provides a range of support options.  There is Business Support for applications that are typically not used outside the usual 9 to 5 grind.  On the other hand, there are 24 hour support options for those businesses that do require all-hours applications.  Our management contract can involve a patch management process that aligns with your needs, as well as experience monitoring of your application during all hours. We also understand that some businesses have the in-house knowledge to operate their own virtual environment, and as such, would never need to contact Micron21 for support, so we are able to provide these services without a support contract if that's the preference. 

How long does it take for a new VPS to be ready?

For a new account, Virtual Private Servers are usually ready the same day after the account creation process has been completed. For existing accounts, a VPS is ready within a few hours, depending on the Operating System installation requirements and any other custom needs (installed software, networking configuration, additional security requirements, etc).

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