Fast Business Internet

Our Business Grade High Speed Internet offering is powered by this multi-million dollar international fibre-optic network.

Our transit network ensures your organisation is online and operating at the highest level. Over the last five years, we have proudly developed a network that is currently ranked as one of the largest peered networks in Australia, out of more than 2,000+ networks, connected to 1,700+ peers globally.

Our Business Grade High Speed Internet offering is powered by this multi-million dollar international fibre-optic network The result is consistent, premium business-grade performance, 24/7.

High speed, premium quality connections.

Our offerings deliver high-throughput, low latency bandwidth and enterprise quality data capacity for every requirement: from small businesses to corporate organisations, government and large-scale business environments.

Micron21 services can be configured up to 10,000Mbps and the speed can be symmetrical in some deployments (ensuring that upload and download speeds are close to identical). Our High Speed Internet services are delivered all across Australia, via fixed wireless, Ethernet, Copper or Fibre connection.

As a result, Micron21 Business Grade Internet perfectly accommodates a variety of environments. It is particularly suited to businesses that require frequent large file transfers, significant media streaming capability, or large numbers of simultaneous users.

Why Micron21 Fast Business Internet?

  • Select your bandwidth from a range of access services.
  • 99% service level agreement.
  • Bandwidth scalable as business requirements grow and change.
  • Detailed reporting capability allows you to gauge and manage growth.
  • Bandwidth capacity can be upgraded with 30 days' notice.
  • Cost-effective internet transit sold on usage, or committed megabits.

The Service is fast – extraordinarily fast.

While the hypothetical maximum speed of our service is up to 500mbit, we find most businesses connections are unable to sustain speeds higher than 100mbit due to internal networking constraints of customers' internal network and routers not being capable of supporting high speed internet services. Based on a line of sight installation within our coverage area our service can easily deliver up to 100mbit and in most cases a lot more speed for both upload and download internet access.

High Speed Wireless

  • With a premium quality high speed network, we provide enterprise-level wireless connectivity.
  • In a typical commercial IT operating environment, multiple computers commonly connect to a switch and a single ADSL modem. In this scenario, network speed relies on Australian ADSL. As a result, performance and employee productivity are hampered by slow upload times and medium-to-slow downloads.
  • For improved performance, leverage the network power of a Micron21 switch and Network Termination Unit. Provide a high-speed enterprise level connection for multiple employees, with rapid and symmetrical services where upload and download times are close to identical.
  • The Network Termination Unit connects via Ethernet to a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Wifi Dish.
  • Multiple CPEs, from various offices, connect to the Micron21 communications tower. Standing over 24 metres tall, the tower hosts MIMO-8 access points and antennas.
  • The communications tower connects directly to the Micron21 Tier 4 Data Centre to leverage the Micron21 network. As a result, businesses with co-located equipment can secure direct connection to high-speed premium wireless broadband internet.

Move to Micron21 with ease

Moving to Micron21 is completely streamlined and hassle-free. We provide a free migration service for customers with support. Our expert staff offer extensive experience in website and email migrations.

We migrate:

  • All website files
  • E-mail addresses
  • Databases
  • Perform Testing
  • Migrate DNS

Once your order is provisioned and you receive a welcome email, simply request a migration from our support team. Our experts handle the entire process.


Technical Specifications
  • Latest Generation Dell Enterprise Servers
  • SSD or NVMe vSAN
  • No Disk IO restrictions for cPanel Accounts
  • Redundant dual power supplies

Each physical hosting server has 2 x LACP 25 Gbit ports and 2 x LACP 1Gbit ports connected to redundant switches via our world class Cisco Nexus 9700 platform.

  • cPanel: version 11.78 (STABLE)
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • HTTP/2 & SPDY Support
  • Installatron Applications Installer: 150+ apps
  • PHP: selectable versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
  • MariaDB databases: version 10+
  • Git version 1.8+
  • Content distribution network: CloudFlare
  • WAN Optimizer: Railgun
  • Full mod rewrite support
  • Cron jobs
  • Webalizer visitor analytics
  • Encrypted cPanel & email access
  • Active exploit file Scanning
  • Custom Web Application Firewall
  • Comprehensive Firewall Rules
  • CloudLinux OS separates users completely
  • Realtime Blacklist Monitoring
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Restrict access by IP
Additional Service Details
  • 99.995% uptime SLA for all infrastructure, certified by Uptime Institute.
  • FTP Accounts, Subdomains & Parked Domains.
  • POP3, IMAP, WebMail, Google Mail, Office 365.
  • Spam Assassin, E-mail Forwarders, Auto Responders, Catch-All Address, Mailing Lists.
  • MYSQL Databases.
  • No Setup Fee.
  • Common Supported Languages PHP // JAVASCRIPT // HTML // CSS
  • Highest-quality Current Generation Dell enterprise hardware.
  • SSL Services and Certificates to meet any requirement.
  • Enterprise RAID SSD or NVMe storage technology using vSAN for your Data Protection.
  • DDoS protected transit including layer 7 traffic protection with Real time DDoS attack visibility.
  • cPanel Control Panel with Web Interface.
  • Web Host Manager WHM Linux Control Panel with Private Name Server Records (Only available for Reseller Accounts).
  • Shared hosting includes the renowned Installatron application installer.
  • Cloud hosting plans (with support) include a free migration from your existing host.
  • Cloud Hosting supports CMS's - Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, SugarCRM, CubeCart, osCommerce, Moodle, and many more.
  • Redundant multi homed BGP media independent International Network.
  • Automatic Off-Site Backups Geographically Separated by 45km.
  • Self-Managed backup and restore for all accounts.
  • File Manager, Bandwidth Monitor, Webalizer.
  • Remote Access with Web Auth Security - SSH and SQL.
  • CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN) and RailGun.
Want to know more?
Wireless Installation
Standard wireless installation.

If you can provide safe roof access, and we can conduct a site survey from your roof and see our base station equipment we consider the installation to be standard. A standard installation includes a 1 to 2 meter mast and all necessary equipment. A standard installation assumes simple and safe roof access is available, and your business is within our coverage area.

Installation Cost Contract
$800.00 36 Month Contract
$1,800.00 24 Month Contract
Complex wireless installation.

If we conduct a site survey from our roof and cannot see our base station then a 4 to 9 meter mast must be installed on your roof, along with hiring a boom lift to reach the top of the mast for installation. All complex installations will require a custom quote. Your business must still be within our coverage area.

Installation Cost Contract
$1000 discount on quoted cost 36 Month Contract
Full price of quoted cost 24 Month Contract

For Wireless services, the speed of the connection is ultimately determined by single strength of your service, the line of sight between your location and our infrastructure along with the amount of spectrum available at any given moment and the type of internal network and router which you own.

In summary, the more precise the installation, the less interface, the greater the experience you will receive.

More on high speed connections
What is the minimum speed?

The minimum speed of our fixed wireless service is ultimately determined by single strength of your service, the line of sight between your location and our infrastructure and the amount of spectrum available at any given moment will affect your performance. Micron21 does not artificially slow down any customer service, the speed provided is the maximum possible when taking into consideration the limitation of fixed wireless technology.

Why is speed not guaranteed?

Unlike fixed line services such as fibre, wireless technology is susceptible interference which can slow down customer's services down outside the control of our environment and network.

A tree branch can grow slightly, or move in the wind, equipment on your roof can slightly move or a neighbouring business can emit radio frequencies all of which can consume your spectrum, and effective the quality of your service.

If you do require a guaranteed service, we can provide you a quote for a fibre service which will provide the ultimate dedicated experience.

Service realignment.

Whilst we strive to provide our customers with the most perfect installation, over time environments can change which is outside of our control. If at any time you would like your equipment on your roof realigned this can be arranged at standard hourly charge plus equipment hire if required.

Why does Micron21 not offer unlimited plans?

Unfortunately wireless technology is not suited well for guaranteed high speed data transfer combined with unlimited data transfer.

This leaves you with two options, provide unlimited data transfer but have the side effects of dismal network performance, or in our case provide a high speed transfer with reasonable usage plans.

A limitation of wireless technology is the fact that everyone within a segment is sharing radio spectrum capacity which is not an unlimited resource. As more people within a segment transit and receive information the more congested the airways become, effectively slowing down a service.

Whilst Micron21 uses high precision GPS Sync technology which allows us to reuse the same channel for greater amount of concurrent users within any given area, this spectrum is still a scarce resource and is not unlimited.

Instead of throttling customer connections and artificially slowing down the connection and in return creating radio congestion in the scarce spectrum we have decided to provide a service with no speed boundaries to achieving reliable high speeds for all customers connected by making sure the airways are as least used as possible.

If radio spectrum becomes full within a certain area Micron21 will expand our network to support additional clients creating additional centralized towers to accommodate additional users.

Though research and development of wireless technology which we have concluded the faster we transit data from our infrastructure to a client's location the quicker we can transmit data to another client. The combined effect of not limiting clients speeds therefore achieve greater speeds for all customers within the same sector assuming concurrent connections are not abnormal.

Unlimited data is available for fibre services - please contact us for a quote if you need more data than is available with our existing plans.

Coverage area.

Micron21 second generation fixed wireless network provides a total pooled capacity of 12gbit distrusted across 12 sectors, covering selected areas within Kilsyth, Kilsyth South, Montrose, Bayswater North, Croydon and Croydon South. If you are not within our direct coverage area we can do a feasibility study to extend our network to your location, and or provide you a fibre service.

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