Disaster Recovery

Micron21 disaster recovery offerings are comprehensive and multi-layered, to safeguard against the loss of an organisation's most vital asset  –  data.

We take an elastic approach to disaster recovery solutions, with a suite of custom options available on our Disaster Recovery Fibre or Wireless Network Service. We expand our offering to suit your business, regardless of the extent of your protection requirements.

Solutions to suit your needs

With solutions ranging from one rack unit to multiple racks and with a wide range of configurable data transfer options, we have the quality and the capability to ensure your mission critical application data is secure. Micron21 disaster recovery is designed to cater to a variety of organisational needs. We will design and manage a bespoke solution to minimise risk and restore your essential data rapidly.

We offer Licensed Enterprise Software from $15 per server, and storage space from $0.40 per GB. Sign up online or call us for more information on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions for your business.

Why Micron21 disaster recovery solutions?

  • High-speed fully redundant fibre and wireless network.
  • Inter-Melbourne cross connections.
  • Speeds from 10mbit to 10gbit at full duplex.
  • Unlimited data transfer between sites.
  • Over 45 kilometres of physical separation.
  • PCI/DSS Level 1 secure network and facility.
  • Global points-of-presence including, Melbourne, Sydney, USA, China, Europe and Singapore.

Flexible recovery options.

Keep your critical cloud servers online at all times. Store data at an alternative physical location to your colocated equipment or cloud servers. Enjoy the confidence of nine geographically separated points-of-presence and live hardware mirrors across the world. Meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) level 1 specifications for the integrity of payment application data by using hardware at two different locations, more than 20 kilometres apart. Secure the confidence of protected online assets and the peace of mind that comes with world-class redundancy and reliable data centre infrastructure.

Achieve all of this and more with a tailored Micron21 Disaster Recovery solution.

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