As the industry moves towards cloud hosted and web based services, network security and application security are becoming increasingly essential.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation

While DDoS attack methods are constantly evolving, the business risks involved remain the same.

Firewall Services

Firewall Services

These are virtual firewalls and routers that allow the customers to get the offered features without the limitations that the hardware can have and with a fastest deployment time and high scalability.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protect web servers and web applications from malware and threats, by providing a layer of protection between end users and applications.

With every aspect of business operation so interconnected, it's a real risk that sensitive data, transactions, or server well-being can be compromised unless the correct precautions are taken. Micron21 provide a wide range of active and passive protection services, as well as disaster recovery solutions.

Prepare your network and application security plan.

Security must be considered with as much planning and value as any other aspect of an information technology infrastructure. Determining security solutions after the fact, or leaving those considerations until they are an absolute necessity can cost a business significantly.

Our architects specialise in Networks and Server application security, and we passionately assess, re-evaluate and implement robust security solutions. We create security plans to cover all avenues of malicious intrusion and provide safe and optimal working environments.

Scale your network and application security.

The cost of providing self-managed security services often scale poorly with the size of a business. As your needs increase and your business grows, we have the capacity to take evolving requirements in stride.

Our global network and world-class data centre offer a range of security assets available as shared, dedicated, or redundant lines of defence for your business:

  • Physical security applicances: Juniper SRX 240s, Juniper SRX 340s all the way up to Juniper SRX 3400s
  • DDoS mitigation and data scrubbing through our global network
  • A10 Load balancing, which can detect server's application experience and remove compromised services from the pool
  • Probes for Proactive monitoring with PRTG to report on active users in your network
  • Micron21's Security Operations Centre, manned by Systems and Networking engineers
  • Disaster recovery via ESX Live backups, Block Data replication, and cold storage
  • Private and Secure connections to your network to limit avenues of attack.

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