SSL Certificates

Whether you're a small online business owner or an enterprise-grade supplier, it's essential that visitors trust in the security of your site.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates can play an important role in communicating authenticity and establishing trust. A cryptographic protocol for the protection of sensitive information, SSL encrypts the segments of network connections at the Transport Layer end-to-end.

SSL Certificates offer two key functions. They ensure that e-commerce transactions are secure while protecting valuable customer data. SSL provides essential security in the transmission of data to and from your server.

Safety and security.

Secure Socket Layer technology will safeguard the transactional element of your website by encrypting information and providing proof of authentication. SSL certificates are issued by certifying authorities who perform rigorous security and legitimacy checks on e-commerce websites.

Micron21 offers 256-bit SSL Certificates from a range of industry-standard reputable providers including Verisign, Geotrust and RapidSSL.

We can offer a variety of SSL Certificates depending on specific business requirements. Premium SSL certificates come with the guarantee of trust, after a very thorough vetting process from SSL providers.

These providers offer their certificates with liability insurance to back up the fiscal responsibilities that their certificates are signing against. When customers see the security tokens in their browser, it helps them extend that trust to your business.

We recommend Micron21 SSL Certificates for:

  • All commercial websites. Search engines are improving rankings for sites that host SSL certificates.
  • E-commerce portals that accept online orders and credit cards.
  • Companies with intranet or extranet sites that share confidential information.
  • Sites or platforms that process sensitive data, such as birth dates, licenses or ID numbers.
  • Companies that require compliance with standardised privacy and security requirements.

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