Email Security

Regardless of the size of your business, the security of your information is paramount.

Safeguarding the interests of your organisation extends to protecting your email accounts and the associated wider infrastructure.

With Micron21 email security, you can protect against known and emerging threats, including hackers, sensitive data leaks and information harvesting.

Safeguard against SPAM.

Email threats have evolved from simple SPAM to elaborate and deliberately damaging practices like phishing, spyware and malicious code seeding. Modern SPAM is no longer a simple annoyance. More often than not it is intentionally harmful and can be highly damaging.

While email breaches are becoming increasingly complex, our protective measures are evolving at a superior rate.

In collaboration with IronPort, we have provisioned email security applications that protect companies: from small businesses to enterprise-level organisations.

Why Micron21 email security solutions?

  • Protect against the broadest range of email threats.
  • Multi-layered protection system.
  • Stops 90+% of incoming threats at the connection level.
  • Rate-limiting capabilities delay suspicious senders, greatly reducing spam without the risk of false positives.
  • Measures website traffic patterns and behavior to validate the reputation of any URL within messages.
  • Examines the complete context of a message, not just the content.
  • Unlimited protected mailboxes.

Cisco Security.

With Cisco® IronPort Anti-Spam filtering, we use a combination of conventional techniques and context-sensitive detection technologies to eliminate email hazards – both known and emerging.

Our protection offering is a multi-network redundant, load balanced powerhouse of e-mail security. We run a cluster of current generation Cisco security appliances with up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spam protection provided by Cisco, McAffee and Sophos.

Mail is encrypted using TLS AES256-bit encryption from start to finish through our mail network. When data privacy is the highest priority, the latest standards in crypto technology are essential.

The IronPort appliances are behind a pool of redundant A10 load balancers and run on our high availability DDoS protected network. We have 24 hour monitoring on our network and a support team of engineers who work to ensure the e-mail service runs optimally at all hours of the day.

Mail tracking and recovery.

Micron21 Ironports handle loads that currently exceed 1 million e-mails per day, and we comprehensively log all transactions. Contact us about any recipient or attachment and we'll be able to track and confirm delivery.

In the event your mail server goes down, our Ironports will track, scan, filter out spam, and hold on to your e-mails until you can get back online. We'll then deliver the e-mail and you can get back to business.

Every e-mail could be important. If you're a business running your own mail server, you need the confidence that you won't lose a single one. We can offer exactly that.

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