Our Team

The team behind Micron21.

Ever since Micron21's inception, the people selected to represent the company and uphold its values have been as important as the technical infrastructure we rely on every day.

Every member of our team contributes to our customer service, customer experience, and service design and delivery.

If our Network is the backbone of Micron21, and our data centre is the beating heart, then the Micron21 team is the soul that binds it all together.

James Braunegg

Managing Director

James has a passion for every aspect of the data centre industry. He has played major roles in the design, development and ongoing daily operation of the Micron21.

In 2009, James recognised the opportunity to build a data centre business within his family's printing company. His vision was motivated by the opportunity presented by clients increasingly seeking cloud-based services.

Despite holding a Monash University Post Graduate Masters Medical Degree and operating an international automotive high-performance modification and tuning business, James left to invest in the Micron21 Data Centre.

His mission and goals were simple;

Provide high quality data centre cloud services direct to end users who;

  • did not require a large amount of physical space
  • require mission critical fault tolerant services
  • require control over security, power, cooling and network services.

Micron21 quickly became a name that clients associate with confidence and high-quality service. Over the past seven years, the organisation has grown from a single-rack operation become Australia's first design certified tier 4 facility.

Today, James operates AS38880, one of Australia's most peered global networks with over 1600 peers and 700gbit of DDoS protection capacity. The network supports some of the largest ISPs, content providers and hosting companies in Australia.

With a dedicated passion for every aspect of the data centre industry, James is involved in designing, building and operating facilities. Thousands of businesses around the world rely on his extensive knowledge of structural, mechanical, electrical and IP networks to support mission critical cloud and data centre services.

Career Highlights:

  • Founded Micron21 in 2009.
  • Hosted WhiteNight Melbourne's website during its peak.
  • Protected an Australian Business from the largest DDoS attack recorded in Australia.
  • Achieved Tier 4 Design certification in 2016.
  • Loving father of three children.

Leadership Team

Chosen from a variety of backgrounds that complement each other, every person at Micron21 is highly experienced in their field.

Michelle Anderson

Head of Finance & HR

Michelle has been with Micron21 since 2014 and brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the company.

As Head of Finance she oversees accounts payable and receivable as well as the long-term financial management of the business. Her other responsibilities include OH&S and employee services such as HR and Payroll.

Michelle Works closely with the Micron21 accounts team and the Managing Director to foster a great team culture as well as to ensure superior quality customer service is delivered to all our customers.

Sheldon Dyer

Head of Commercial

Sheldon brings with him extensive knowledge and experience across digital products, technology, operations, sales and marketing. He is also a recognised leader in the SaaS and Cloud computing space and has worked with major brands including Shell, BHP, Coles/Myer and Australis. He has built and managed many major IT projects and led a number of software development teams responsible for delivering new and innovative products.

Of specific note, Sheldon pioneered Cricket Australia’s SaaS and Cloud solutions in a multi-stakeholder environment including a common website and content management platform for all grass root cricket associations and clubs, as well as “My Cricket”, a sport specific social network that now has in excess of 380,000 members.

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