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Data Centre & Hosting Services Melbourne

What is a Data Centre?

A data centre is a facility that houses networked servers and other computing facilities. Companies will use a data centre to centralise their IT functionality as well as providing a central repository to collect, manage and analyse captured data.

The best data centres globally provide a secure environment with consistent uptime, as this is a vital component to a company’s operations. Seemingly innocuous issues, such as a temporary fault on the server, can cause significant customer dissatisfaction, adversely affecting your company’s reputation with both existing and potential customers. More significant breaches, such as the loss of customer data or a security breach, would result in significant reputational damage for a company with possibility of fiscal, civil and criminal penalties. Therefore, it’s always worth being sure that your systems are in the safe hands of a reputable, highly-regarded Tier 4 data centre that has been independently assessed by an auditor to achieve proven security measures and a fully redundant infrastructure.

Components of the Best Data Centres Globally

The level of protection offered by data centres can vary according to the accreditation that has been sought by each facility. However, sourcing a data centre that has achieved Uptime Institute Accreditation will ensure that the data centre has achieved certain benchmarks that will enable a company to determine the reliability of a data centre. The top data centres strive to achieve Tier IV certification to ensure:

  • A fully redundant infrastructure: top data centres always go to great lengths to ensure that all of their systems are entirely backed-up and prepared for any conceivable eventuality. By prioritising data redundancy with duplicate components and functions, data centres can give their customers the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing that their systems are guaranteed to stay secure and reliable.
  • Comprehensive security measures: some of the most important security measures you should always make sure your chosen facility has in place include 24/7 monitoring, motion detectors, a policy of ensuring all visitors are escorted and remain under supervision, and highly secure doorways in all locations with biometric checks for critical areas.
  • Environmental control: An environment comprising of numerous computing components that are operating 24/7 will become extremely hot. This can cause equipment to overheat resulting in shut downs and pose a significant fire risk. As a result, sophisticated air-conditioning, fire-suppression and other environmental control systems are essential components of a Tier IV data centre.

Why choose Micron21 as Your Data Centre

Companies that are seeking quality data centre hosting services should look no further than Micron21. Micron21 is a company based in Melbourne that has built an outstanding reputation in the industry for providing superior data centre services on the back of achieving Tier 4 Certification, accreditation that is certified by The Uptime Institute.

This certification requires exacting standards to be met that include advanced and sophisticated security equipment and protocols, fully redundant infrastructure, 99.995% guaranteed uptime per year, state-of-the-art cooling technology and a team of trained and experienced professionals who are experts in their field.

Based on the criteria outline above, not only is Micron21 the best data centre Melbourne has to offer, it is also the best data centre in Australia!