Our Story

From stairwell to global Data Centre. We understand how to scale.

While Micron21 operates in premium cloud hosting technology today, our story as Australia's first Tier IV Data Centre is penned in printer's ink.

In printing terms, a single micron is equal to one millionth of a metre. The lower the micron, the higher the resolution and the harder it is to replicate. Defined by accuracy, quality and the utmost security, low-micron technology is used to prevent counterfeit in federal currency. To this day, these qualities underpin our operations. Precision, consistency, and quality is in the Micron21 fingerprint; it's in our DNA.

Our heritage

Micron21 began as the subsidiary of a larger print business that specialised in creating Australian currency. Due to the technology and confidentiality requirements of the parent business, the facility maintained dark-fibre connections and high levels of physical security.

There was a clear opportunity; our evolution commenced.

We began utilising the capacity on the dark-fibre network to provide specialised managed IT services within the printing business.

Fast paced progress

The evolution of the internet has forced data centres to change rapidly. Micron21 is at the forefront.

While we've transformed in scale of operations, we retain commitment to the highest standards of personalised support and the latest technology. In addition to local businesses, clients now include global medium and enterprise-level corporations, government departments, Internet Service Provides and wholesale resellers.

Armed with a growing team of specialist engineers, our capability encompasses solution architecture, managed IT cloud services, data security and disaster recovery, and a far more complex suite of offerings. We deal in security and customisable solutions, using the latest technology and data centre infrastructure.

These principles are captured in the 'Micron21 dial'. Born from the image of a safe's turn-combination lock, the dial is both configurable and impenetrable. It represents security and complexity – multiple interconnected elements synchronised together in precise coordination.

With the elements in place, the next evolutionary step became clear: the move towards world-class hosting, network security and data centre solutions as certified by the uncompromising global standards of the Uptime Institute.

The move towards Tier IV Certification

Back in 2015, Micron21 began investing in superior infrastructure and specialist personnel to create a cutting edge hub for central operations.  In 2019, all this passionate effort resulted in Micron21 being accredited as Australia's very first "Tier IV" Data Centre - the highest a data centre can be certified.  To this day, hundreds of tonnes of IT protection and data centre infrastructure equipment continuous to be provisioned, tested and integrated into our Micron21 facility – always with the aim to provide ongoing premium technology, data centre & cloud hosting solutions for our customers. 

The Micron21 Data Centre continues to grow, and our facility boasts:

  • The highest level of power and cooling redundancy found in Australian data centres
  • The highest standards in physical data centre security
  • The highest standards in electronic security
  • A truly global DDoS protected network with both domestic and international scrubbing capacity.

Throughout this evolution path that Micron21 has undergone since the early days - "Micron" has always been etched into the heart of our brand and still speaks to the precision, consistency and quality of our security standards and the services we provide.  Businesses be they small, medium or enterprise - can rely on Micron21 to host, support and protect their mission-critical applications and provide solutions that best suit them in this ever-changing cyber world.

The Micron21 Difference

Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. In this cyber age with concerns over foreign influence, data sovereignty is no longer enough. Physical sovereignty is the ultimate peace of mind.


Harness the power and performance of cutting edge technology. Whether it’s the latest in NMVe, Cisco, Juniper or Dell hardware, our Data Centre and technology are designed with speed in mind.


The highest level of uptime certification for Data Centres offering a 100% SLA backed availability. We go one step further and offer hyperconvergence to protect your cloud service from hardware failure.

Customer Care

Access dedicated technicians 24/7 located in our Data Centre. We are passionate about providing the best possible experience. Don’t take our word, check out our Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Trustpilot feedback.

DDOS protection

Our world class DDoS mitigation platform is purpose built for Australian operations to achieve data sovereignty and low latency. We protect some of Australia’s largest networks.

Industry Leader

Micron21 was the first Australian Data Centre to achieve the industry’s highest accreditation (Tier IV). Even there, we surpass industry standards. We are also the first Australian company to build a commercial 5G network.

secure IRAP

From the intimidating 9 foot anti-scale palisade that greets you, to our DDoS, WAF and HIPS solutions, security is always paramount. As such, we have been independently IRAP assessed for Government classified data.


Micron21 solutions grow with your business. Our roadmap starts with shared cloud web hosting and scales up to an enterprise VMware hyperconverged platform. Resources can be easily added by our 24/7 team or via self serve portals.

global network

We operate the second largest peered network in Australia and connect globally with over 1900 networks. With presence in USA, Singapore, Europe and Australia we have over 700gbit of global capacity.


ISO 27001, 27002, 27018 and 14520 certified, PCI compliant, IRAP assessed, and Tier IV accredited. We also are fully accredited by auDA to register domains.  Additionally, our staff are accredited by Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Prince2, PMBok, ITIL - just to name a few...

Micron21 complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Micron21 utilises an internationally recognised ISMS which provides us with a systematic approach to combating a broad range of security risks to both our own proprietary information assets and those (such as customer data and personal information about employees) over which we have a duty of care. Micron21 has also gone one step further by applying additional consideration to the management of personal data as outlined in the Australian Privacy Act. It's just another way we are focussed on Australian business needs.

Compliance Certificates

Micron21 ISO 27001 Certificate

Micron21 ISO 27018 Certificate

To request a copy of our Information Security Policy, please email us at support@micron21.com.

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