Data Centre

The Micron21 Data Centre is the most redundant, well-protected commercial facility in Australia.

The data centre is increasingly becoming fortified as the central point of any information technology strategy. Infrastructure and capabilities are paramount.

With continuous power, cooling, physical and electronic security and a full spectrum of highly redundant data transmission and storage services, the Micron21 Data Centre is the heart of our business. The reliability, security and premium technology of the facility sets the standard for our service offerings.

Our entire infrastructure is designed to scale and accommodate all business requirements: from our global routing platform to our custom-application stack of software and highly trained engineers. We do it all, to the highest quality.

The Micron21 Data
Centre boasts:

  • Quadruple redundant power delivered by four independent circuits.
  • In addition to mains power, each circuit is powered from;
    • Independent Power Distribution Systems (PDUs)
    • Independent Switchboards
    • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs)
    • Dual external 1MW generators.
  • AS ISO 14520 compliant building with fully redundant VESDA detection and ProInert (IG-55) Fire Suppression System.
  • Redundant multi homed BGP routing via our independent International Network.
  • Two completely separate methods of cooling, chilled water and chilled gas systems.

Operations and specifications

Deliveries and unpacking

We take delivery of your equipment, unpack, configure and install it in either a dedicated staging area or an allocated space within the data centre. We provide a complete end-to-end service to make installation easier.

Staging spaces

Access a staging room to set up and test equipment before moving it to the data centre.


Our world-class data centre infrastructure minimises power consumption for optimum efficiency. Our Emerson intelligent double conversion UPS platform has one of the highest industry efficiency of 98.5%, providing maximum reliability and highest energy savings.

A primary Emerson precision cooling chilled-water platform provides indirect integrated free cooling to deliver energy savings and complete reliability. These are combined with the use of EC fans in all CRAC units to reduce energy consumption by 25% when compared to traditional AC motors.

Customer extended services

Your infrastructure deserves the best environment possible. Our data centre facility has secure WiFi enabled throughout the facility. Clients can make use of our executive boardroom and book the space for meetings. Relax, play games or watch TV in our communal area. Have a session within our onsite gym, or cook lunch in our fully-serviced kitchen.


The location of your server infrastructure is essential.

Securing hardware and services within a certified facility that is equally resilient and fault tolerant in operation is key to delivering maximum availability.

We use an array of security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the entire facility. These include:

  • 24x7x365 security and monitoring.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.
  • All doors secured with access control with anti-pass back at a minimum.
  • Motion detection for lighting.
  • All mission critical zones secured with two-factor biometric readers.
  • Equipment check upon arrival.
  • All visitors are escorted at all times when accessing rack equipment.
  • Rubbish removal.
  • CCTV digital camera coverage of the facility, including detailed surveillance and audit logs with history kept for 3 years.

All visitors including customers are screened and require government issued photographic identification upon entry to verify identity, and are escorted at all times when accessing rack equipment.

We provide the best physical and electronic security, power and cooling redundancy, and fire suppression. This is combined with our global DDoS Protected network–one of the most connected peered networks in Australia.


The Micron21 Data Centre provides customers with the most redundant power infrastructure in Australia.

Our facility provides 4N Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems redundancy to each rack within the facility, with a minimum of 20 minutes battery design at full load to prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts.

In the event mains power is unavailable for more than 5 seconds, our 2N onsite continuous rated diesel generators automatically start to self-generate power indefinitely, with more than 60 hours of fuel stored on site and refuelling contracts for guaranteed fuel delivery.


Using custom designed software, our data centre engineering team can monitor all power, cooling, network and security system either on-site or remotely, to respond quickly to any situation.

Earthquake resistance

Structural building design, floor ratings and infrastructure equipment mounts at Micron21 meet or exceed local building codes for lateral seismic design forces. Equipment and non-structural components, including rack cabinets, are anchored or braced to a solid structure as standard policy.

Fire detection and suppression

Key features of the fire detection and suppression system include:

  • Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA).
  • Multi zoned smoke detection areas including external air monitoring.
  • Automatic fire suppression in all mission critical areas.
  • Minimum 2 hour fire rating on all external and internal compartments.
  • Independent monitoring between general areas within the data centre and mission critical areas.
  • AS compliant with real-time monitoring to the local fire authority.

Fluid leak detection

The Micron21 Data Centre is built 585m above sea level. It does not have a basement or any areas that allow water to be captured. All equipment on ground level is built on raised flooring and the building is positioned at the top end of a sloped court. Additionally:

  • All external walls have been designed as a moisture barrier, water leak detection has been installed on all pumps, chilled, CRAC units and chilled water pipes.
  • Diesels leak detection has been installed on bulk storage, pipe work and within generators.
  • Acid detection has been installed on all lead acid batteries.
  • A Secondary roof has been installed to provide thermal protection and a secondary water barrier to the data centre from outside elements.
  • All leak detection systems are designed to automatically notify, isolate and contain a fault where possible.


The Micron21 Data Centre houses the most redundant data centre cooling system in Australia. Completely Tier IV certified, we provide a robust HVAC system for stable airflow, temperature and humidity, with 3N redundancy across the entire facility.

We provide redundancy for cooling across two different forms of cooling technology: chilled water and Direction Expansion Air Conditioning.

Our primary chilled water system is a complete 2N design, containing two fully redundant chillers, four circulation pumps and two 10,000 litre thermal storage buffer tanks to provide continuous cooling capacity to the data centre at all times.

The entire chilled water cooling system, including all pumps and CRAC units, is fully UPS protected. This ensures continuous cooling at all times, even if mains or generator power is not available.

In the event our fully redundant 2N primary chilled water cooling technology fails, we have 12 fully independent Direction Expansion Air Conditioning units located on our roof to independently cool our data centre. Each mission-critical cooling infrastructure system is backed up by its own dedicated power generation system.

With a guaranteed cooling capacity with redundancy to each rack within our data centre, Micron21 has massive amounts of available cooling to support the highest possible density of IT technology.

Customer support

Our data centre support staff engineers provide technical, logistical escort support for customers: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Highly trained and experienced data centre technicians can provide assistance for remote management, custom installations and equipment troubleshooting.

As a Micron21 customer you have direct access to our support teams who provide remote smart hands support, technical advice, engineering, troubleshooting, project management, equipment relocations, installations and onsite hardware and software maintenance. Providing a complete managed service for seamless IT operations.


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