Cloud Platforms

Micron21 provides a comprehensive range of cloud platforms that have been designed to meet the needs of full-scale enterprise IT environments.


mCloud allows for easy management of your virtual workloads.  It brings together virtualisation, storage, compute, and networking on high availability (HA) infrastructure.


Offering high scalability, efficient resource utilisation and native security, our VMware environment is deployed on hyperconverged infrastructure within our Tier IV data centre.


As your first step into running your own virtual environment, our KVM VPS platform offers stability, flexibility, and a cost-effective way to achieve dedicated resources.


Create your own private cloud environment utilising Proxmox. Perfect for those who need an open-source “Cloud in a box”.

Why Micron21?

Powered by Dell

Through utilising high-performance enterprise-grade Dell hardware, we're able to provide:

  • High core and RAM capacities for running virtual machines and containers
  • High capacity and high performance storage
  • Comprehensive end-to-end hardware and software accountability
  • High availability (HA), ensuring the continuous operation for virtual workloads
  • Cost-effective compute and storage solutions for a wide range of enterprise requirements
Dell Server Stack
Freedom from lock-in

Freedom from Vendor Lock-in

From our perspective, businesses put a significant investment into their cloud technologies and should not be beholden to the whims of major commercial interests.

With the wide range of services offered and supported by Micron21 - our clients retain the freedom of choice on what platform they can use and what provider they can choose to provide support for those platforms.

Secure and Accredited IRAP Cloud

From the intimidating 9-foot anti-scale palisade that greets you, to our DDoS, WAF and HIPS solutions, security is always paramount.  As such, we have been independently IRAP assessed for Government classified data.

In addition, we’re also ISO 27001, 27002, 27018 and 14520 certified, as well as PCI compliant and Tier IV accredited.

Secure IRAP Cloud
DDoS Protected Network

Global DDOS Protected Network

We operate the second largest peered network in Australia and connect globally with over 1900 networks. With presence in USA, Singapore, Europe and Australia, we have over 700gbit of global capacity.

Our entire network is protected by our world class DDoS mitigation platform which is purpose-built for Australian operations to achieve data sovereignty and low latency.


Our team are experts in facilitating a smooth and swift migration from ESXi, Hyper-V, AWS, Azure or any other virtualisation platforms.

1. Plan & Schedule

Create a detailed migration plan which encompasses resource allocation, timelines, risk management and stakeholder involvement.

2. Prepare Environment

Prepare the new virtualisation infrastructure, or simply configure cloud-based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) where this isn't required.

3. Backup

Backing up all your virtual workloads and associated resources is a vital precaution in case of migration failures.

4. Convert & Transfer Data

When moving virtual machines (VM) from one cloud platform to another, these will need to be converted to a format compatible with your new platform before they’re importable.

5. Create VMs

Once the VM images have been converted and transferred, these can be used to recreate your environment on the new platform.

6. Environment Configuration

Adapt your new platform's settings to mirror your prior environment’s networking, storage, security policies, and more.  Most migrations require some aspects to be manually fine-tuned post-migration.

7. Testing

Testing prior to going live is crucial for making sure the new environment performs well and behaves as expected.

8. Redirect Traffic & Test

Once you’ve gone live with your new environment, we recommend re-testing your environment.  This is because certain aspects, like performance, can only be definitively tested under full load.

Need help solutioning or migrating?

Wherever you’re currently hosted, we have dedicated solution architects that can assist with the design, build, and migration away from your current platform.

We’re experts in designing large-scale cloud platforms and can assist you regardless of what platform you are looking at moving to.

If you're interested in migrating over to any of our cloud platforms, we’d love to have a conversation to assist you with this next stage of your cloud platform journey.

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