Remote Desktops

The functionality of a personal computer with the enhanced feature of universal accessibility: for any number of users, from anywhere.

Imagine the freedom of user-access to documents, applications and resources from any supported device whether it be from your laptop at the airport lounge or from your mobile device by the pool. With our Desktop Cloud, our fully managed secure desktop computing service runs via the Micron21 Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Micron21 Desktop Cloud platform is tailored for organisations with multiple office locations and anywhere between five and 5,000 employees. It is scalable and is deployed via either Microsoft’s enhanced Remote Desktop platform.

This solution provides high-quality cloud desktops for any number of users at a cost that is competitive with traditional desktops.

Key Features:

Run any Software Application
Download, install and run any software or cloud service on your Cloud Desktop just like you would on a traditional PC.
Access Your Files from the Cloud
Micron21’s desktop cloud allows you to store and access your files from anywhere. It also allows teams to collaborate with a common file server.
Access from Any Device
Remote desktops work on a wide range of electronic devices from traditional PCs & Laptops to mobile smartphones and tablets.
iPad Keyboard Integration
Use your on-screen iPad keyboard when using any application on your Desktop Cloud e.g. Word.
Pay what you use on a monthly or yearly basis. No investment into expensive hardware, IT staff or licenses required.
No Syncing
Access your Desktop Cloud from any device without the need to continuously synchronise files across devices.
Secure Access & File Storage
All data and information is stored in a secure facility with the latest in firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-malware/virus.
Deliver on the Promise of Work-Life Balance
Your employees can work from anywhere and anytime they need to and still collaborate with others.
A More Sustainable Solution
Devices accessing remote desktops require less performance and power and utilise resources in a more efficient manner in the cloud.

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