Managed Services

We believe that Managed IT Services should be exactly that  –  fully managed!

The Micron21 approach to managed service is dedicated and comprehensive. Our offerings are designed to completely remove the complication of IT management.

Whether that involves taking full responsibility for entire infrastructure or tailoring a custom approach to meet specific business needs, we have the service capability and the expertise. We handle every aspect of enterprise grade IT operation: development, DDoS protection, network, wireless, dedicated physical, cloud, backup, firewall, and load balancing.

Your business, empowered by Micron21

Our expertise is at your disposal. With less investment into the time and resources required to manage IT needs, your organisation can focus more intensely on achieving business outcomes.

Whether you require innovation or risk elimination, we can meet your needs. Whether your business needs reliability or scalability, we will accommodate. We dedicate resources to deliver a solution that eliminates instability, worry and hassle.

That dedication extends from our solutions to our service. We call this Ultimate Support. Micron21 proudly adopts a concierge approach to Managed IT Services. Whenever you need to tap into the necessary skills of our practiced experts, you can. Night or day, from anywhere in the world.

Included in Every Plan:

24/7 Support
No more waiting on hold to speak to someone halfway around the world. Our support team is available by phone or email 24 hours a day.
Our highly-trained staff are experts in the technology they support. This expertise can be leverage for support, or even advice.
Generous Inclusions
Our support lists go well beyond the scope of what other providers offer, making them great value for money.

Why Micron 21 Managed IT Services?

  • Fully customisable service offering. Pick and choose your solutions.
  • 24-hour fully managed support for all layers of technology throughout our infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed hardware reliability.
  • We guarantee to solve any problem.
  • Dedicated support: day or night.
  • Guaranteed growth path and scalability of service.

Support plans: from Self-Managed to Ultimate Support.

Our fully managed support plans offer peace of mind and the security of support any time you need it. Remove the worry and stress associated with maintaining IT infrastructure and an in-house IT department, and focus energy on more important operations.

Micron21 support plans encompass everything from self-managed services to fully managed solutions. There are options for small businesses, and clients who require the reliability of an enterprise solution without the responsibility of maintaining the entire environment.

Business Support from $30 per month.

With Business Support, our engineers are available to help when you need it most. Our engineers are highly responsive, and we welcome phone contact from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Micron21 support engineers will assist you with any inquiry – from setting up a mailbox, to a sysadmin wanting a second pair of eyes to check his database configuration. In the event of a problem with your service, call or e-mail us for on-the-spot problem resolution.

24/7 Premium Support from $100 per month.

With all the benefits of the Business Support package, 24/7 Premium Support comes with an added suite of extras. If your business needs more than just a 9-to-5 lifeline, our 24/7 Premium Support package gives you a direct line to our dedicated on-call support technicians. We understand that businesses run outside of traditional hours; we're a round-the-clock company ourselves.

In addition to 24-hour phone support, we provide passive support and monitoring – we add your servers to our alerts list. Our engineers are aware of critical problems and working to fix them before you can pick up the phone. Where possible we keep you informed – for updates and assurance on the performance of your service. You will also receive automatic e-mail notifications about usage and alerts regarding your services.

Ultimate Support from $1500 per month.

For enterprise level operations, secure a vast array of benefits in addition to Business Support and 24/7 Premium Support while covering your entire suite of products for one cost.

Customers with our Ultimate Support package receive a custom proactive monitoring set up, with the option to receive SMS and e-mail notifications in the instance of an event regarding mission-critical services.

Ultimate Support customers demand every aspect of High Availability, monitoring, support, security, and maintenance possible. If risk-free operation is a priority, the Ultimate Support package delivers absolute assurance and the confidence of devoted engineers bolstered by robust support frameworks.

Self-Managed Support.

With a self-managed solution, you are responsible for the administration of the operating system and all software applications running on your service. This includes all updates, patches, security and backups.

Self-managed service is designed for organisations with their own IT system administrators.

Micron21 retain responsibility for maintaining the physical hardware and data centre infrastructure, including power, cooling and networking services. We have the foundations covered – so you can focus on your own servers.

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Why Micron21 Ultimate Support?
Improve productivity.

Most problems display warning signs prior to escalating into critical issues. Checking the event logs of any unmonitored services will likely reveal various issues that warrant some level of attention.

There are countless instances that make for potential crises. Each can result in very serious and possibly unrecoverable losses to both productivity and finance. Proactive monitoring can prevent these unexpected emergencies.

Aside from staving off disaster, our proactive monitoring improves performance on a day-to-day basis. Too often, equipment performance degrades to the point where the device is no longer functional or usable.

Ultimate Support improves productivity by more closely examining inventory reports for outdated or inadequate equipment or applications. Once identified, we perform upgrades before productivity is affected.

Improve reliability.

We identify and correct small problems early, before they have a chance to develop into larger issues.

Most small problems are addressed as they occur. Not only do we provide monitoring but we keep you constantly informed on the status of any major service issues. Post-incident detailed reporting provides an additional insight into service issues.

Save money.

Hourly-based reactive support for a small business customer can look cost-effective. In reality, it is typically unstable.

There will be very busy months, often off-set by quiet periods. And once in a while, one of those crisis situations occurs and an invoice is raised which could be relationship-changing.

If Micron21 proactive support monitoring can be delivered at a similar cost to your current hourly reactive support, there is little reason for any customer to opt for the model based on hourly support.

Furthermore, factor in any financial benefits as a result of increased productivity, or the prevention of a single disaster. Micron21 Ultimate Support will be easily justified as a valuable and cost-effective solution for mission critical infrastructure.

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