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Protecting data from natural disasters, malicious attacks or human error is essential to keeping your valuable information from loss.

With Micron21 cloud and colocation backup services, you can ensure your day-to-day business runs without critical downtime or devastating loss in revenue. We provide cloud backup services across Australia and worldwide! We have partnered with a number of vendors to deliver three core backup solutions and strategies.

Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for protecting virtual machines and websites.

Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup

Our flagship backup product, the ESX Live Image Backup service "Veeam" takes a running copy of either a VMWare or Hyper-V based virtual machine and stores it on a remote Enterprise NAS, protected with RAID 6 for data recovery purposes.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We can design, implement and manage a solution to eliminate risk and restore essential data rapidly. For enterprise-level availability and reliability, we offer two core network-based storage targets with multi backup software options.

Our storage area network (SAN) offering is designed for mission critical service. Each customer who utilises our SAN storage option receives a dedicated port capacity on a dedicated logical unit number (LUN), on our storage area network. Each LUN is created to meet specific size requirements within a RAID 10 array, using SAS 15k disks. This allows your virtual machines' disks to exist outside of your host's architecture.

Licensed Veeam Backups from $15 per server and storage space from $60 per 500GB blocks. Veeam allows for a complete snapshot of your virtual machine, using ESX live backup technology. These are block-level backups at the hypervisor layer. With Veeam, your restoration points are complete, and we can restore a virtual machine using Veeam in less than 15 minutes. Store as many retention points as you like – with a low overhead per server, and with very affordable, reliable backup disk space.

Licensed Acronis Backups from $15 per server and storage space from $60 per 500GB.

Acronis is designed to perform block-level backups at the application layer. With the ability to restore single files or directories, up to being able to perform a complete bare-metal restore of a server with one click, Acronis provides a greater level of control for file-level backups. Acronis has industry-leading compression algorithms, acquiring more data in less space – allowing greater longevity of restore points for less overall cost.

One cloud backup method is never enough.

Backups are an essential part of hosting any business' cloud service online. They provide reassurance. If something does go wrong, you can fall back to a previous restore point in order to recover information.

However, paying for cloud backup services is not always something businesses take into consideration when ordering a service. Backups are commonly seen as unnecessary and are often neglected in order to reduce the cost of a hosting budget.

At Micron21, we offer a variety of cloud backup solutions. Although they may seem similar, our backup solutions feature subtle differences, designed to accommodate a wide range of business needs. Each solution is engineered to cater for budget limitations while allowing for easy restoration in the event of a data loss or corruption scenario.


Depending on platform, Micron21 offers value for money in storage so you can backup as often as requited to minimise any data loss.

All backups are sent over our high-speed network to our offsite storage facility that is 33km geographically separated. We also have a Sydney facility as another destination option.

All backups use secure encryption to transfer data and is additionally kept on encrypted storage in a secure facility for complete protection.

Fast performing disks, servers and networks with high storage compression rates make for quick backups that don’t interfere with normal business.

Micron21 offers a variety of backup software methods that offer technology redundancy and cater for different backup strategies.

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