Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for protecting virtual machines and websites.

With the ability to restore single files or directories, up to being able to perform a complete restore of a server with one click, Acronis provides a greater level of control for file-level backups. Acronis has industry-leading compression algorithms, acquiring more data in less space – allowing greater longevity of restore points for less overall cost.

Included in Every Plan:

Cloud Management Panel
Acronis’ cloud management panel allows you to schedule and manage your backup jobs from anywhere with an internet connection.
Web Restore
The web restore functionality allows you to restore to your server directly from the management portal. You can also download files directly to your PC.
cPanel Integration
Acronis Backup offers a best-in-market cPanel integration, so your users can restore their sites, or individual files directly from their cPanel login. This is also integrated in WHM so you can restore entire sites or files at the click of a button.
World’s Fastest Backup Solution
Rapid restoration of single files, or whole directory structures.

Feature Rich Interface

Acronis Backup Cloud is a multi-platform backup solution, offering agents for all major operating systems. As a backup agent, your virtual servers/websites communicate with Acronis’ cloud platform to schedule your backups, then sends those backups directly and securely to Micron21’s offsite storage for safe-keeping.

When you order an Acronis backup solution from Micron21, we will install, and setup your backups based on your data loss prevention requirements. Through a feature rich interface, you can restore and backup yourself or alternatively use one of our customer care packages and let us take care of this for you. If you are a cPanel user, you can restore individual files, databases, or entire accounts directly from your WHM or cPanel login in the click of a button.

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