Over 700Gbit of protected global capacity and 1.2Tbps bandwidth in every single rack.

It scales on demand to support large events and powers the most popular online content around the world.

The reliability, capacity and quality of the Micron21 network is paramount. With millions of people accessing our data centre and information services each day, it is essential that the network performs at the highest level. Our network is never flooded or oversaturated.

We only provide DDoS-protected high-performance and extremely low latency bandwidth. With world class redundancy and network capability, we peer with over 1800 providers globally – a figure that continues to grow each month.

Closer to home, AS38880 is currently ranked second in Australia out of over 2,100 competing networks. There are several factors that consolidate the Micron21 network as a premium technology ecosystem.

Our network hosts and provides services for many media organizations, large public and private corporations, government departments and some of Australia's largest ISPs. Each one demands the ability to distribute content with guaranteed predictability and optimum outcomes: extremely quickly, across Australia and the world.

The Network

Harness a wide variety of benefits with the Micron21 AS38880 network. Enjoy security, support and industry-accredited enterprise grade infrastructure, along with the highest quality and latest technology.

Why choose The Micron21 Network?

  • Enjoy the security of a certified SCEC Security Zone compliant building
  • Redundant multi-homed BGP International Network
  • Global VPLS Layer 2 services between Europe, North America, Asia and Australia
  • Compliant to Level 1 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Always-on Domestic and International DDoS Protection. Micron21 owns and operates scrubbing centres located in Amsterdam, Singapore, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Individual VLANS per client service that provide internal data integrity and security
  • Each connected device receives a minimum of 2 x 25gbit uplink ports via two independent Cisco Nexus switches
  • Each and every rack within our Data Centre has a total capacity of 1.2 Terrabits
  • Our Single Hop international network connects to all major global networks whilst peering with more than 1800 global AS networks
  • Direct and dedicated, low latency capacity from Australia to Europe via  SEA-ME-WE 5 connected in Singapore
  • Direct and dedicated capacity from Melbourne to Singapore via Vocus Submarine ASC system
  • Direct and dedicated capacity from Sydney to Singapore via Vocus Submarine via the Indigo West & Indigo Central cable systems
  • Direct and dedicated capacity from Sydney to Los Angeles via Hawaiki cable system
  • Dedicated backhaul capacity between Melbourne and Sydney provided via Optus and Telstra for carrier diversity
  • Direct connectivity to all major Australian IP transit networks including Telstra, Optus, TPG and Vocus along with peering on every major peering exchange resulting in single hop network routing experience to almost every Australian AS
  • BGP EVPN Cisco Nexus Internal datacentre fabric for all client transit services
  • Any Cast gateway, multi-site BGP and VXLAN allowing full service portability between any Micron21 location
  • Our network has been IRAP assessed for government workloads
  • Over 700gbit of global capacity and continuously increasing

Comprehensive support.

Our network, servers and physical facilities are supervised full-time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Micron21 infrastructure is managed both physically and through third-party digital monitors. At any given moment, we can access detailed real-time insight into the status of our network configuration.

We offer a range of additional protective services for especially sensitive data or servers. Micron21 support engineers monitor all switches to ensure the complete integrity of our connectivity.

Complete reliability.

The Micron21 network is multihomed to relieve congestion, enhance throughput and ensure redundancy. Further measures safeguard the integrity and reliability of our network hardware.

Our network has been independently stress tested and purpose designed to allow enormous amounts of capacity for customers who require premium network services and core connectivity. We provide industry-leading redundancy, low latency, security and network capacity across the world.

AS38880 is supported with multiple redundant routers positioned throughout the world, in places of high interconnectivity to provide maximum reach to global peers. We use a combination of both Brocade MLXe X2 and Extreme SLX 9640 routers supporting millions of global IPv4 and IPv6 BGP routes along with Juniper SRX hardware firewalls, and A10 and NSFOCUS security appliances configured in 2N (full redundancy) across the entire network.

Within Australian our domestic network utilises a Cisco EVPN BGP Multi Site platform delivering native VXLAN and Any Cast gateway features to every customer connected to our network. Our datacentre core network utilizes a pair of fully redundant Cisco Nexus 9500 Series Spine Switches to create a spine-leaf fabric datacentre architecture. Our Cisco 9500 platform supports up to 400G Ethernet connections per physical port connected to our leaf fabric. Our leaf fabric consists of a pair of Cisco Nexus 93180YC top of rack switches within each rack connected via 6 x 100G redundant paths to each spine, providing a total capacity of 1.2 Terrabits.

Each rack is supplied with four independent 32 amp power feeds from four independent UPS systems and fitted with dedicated Vertiv Extreme Density independent top-of-rack cooling units.

The Micron21 certified Tier IV Data Centre is equipped with 3N permanent Cummins diesel generators for continuous power.


Micron21 is a carrier-neutral data centre. We also own and operate one of the most connected peered networks in Australia. Our 700gbit+ DDoS protected network spans the globe, directly connected to more than 1800 major domestic and international carriers including some of the below networks:

  • AAPT
  • AARNet
  • Cogent Communications
  • GTT
  • Hibernia Networks
  • Hurricane Electrics
  • Level 3
  • M2
  • NextGen Networks
  • NTT
  • Optus
  • PCCW
  • Pipe Networks
  • Primus Telecommunications
  • Qwest Communications
  • Retn
  • Singtel
  • StarHub
  • TATA Communications
  • Telia
  • Telstra
  • Tinet
  • TPG
  • Uecomm
  • Vocus

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