Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Micron21's Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems are powered by NSFOCUS, Brocade, and A10 hardware platforms, working together to keep our network, our assets, and our customers safe.

Micron21's Network is vast, interconnected, and well protected. We partner with some of the most advanced networking providers to protect our network, our assets, and our customers.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are special appliances designed with a comprehensive blend of pattern searching and zero-day databases to identify hacking attempts and malicious intrusion to networks or applications. An IDS can be basic – sending an e-mail alert to an administrator when it detects an intrusion attempt. Often IDSs are set up to work with other systems to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are dedicated appliances which often work with IDSs to both harden and actively reject malicious attempts on a network or application. IPSs work in conjunction with firewalls to protect data at the application layer. Whether it's an exploit, script, or brute force attempt, a good IPS will refuse any illegitimate attempt to gain access to your network or application.

NSFOCUS – Intrusion Prevention System

NSFOCUS provide a security gateway that sits in-line with existing network architecture. It provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to identify, classify and stop known and zero-day malicious traffic and threats to your network. NSFOCUS use Online Behaviour Management and traffic control engines to deliver high-performance security. These enterprise grade threat detection systems ensure networks remains effective, available, manageable, stable and reliable.

Features and Benefits

  • Bi-directional Intrusion Prevention at Layer 2 to Layer 7
    Blocks Trojans, web-based malware and other attacks, utilising functions like web reputation and Internet behaviour management. Protects servers from malicious scanning, buffer overflow, denial of service, SQL injection, XSS, and more.
  • Intelligent Protocol Discovery and Analysis Technology
    Identifies common and uncommon attacks to protect hundreds of application protocols, with minimum false positives.
  • Zero-Day Attack Prevention
    NSFOCUS's “Virtual Patches” technology protects users from “zero-day” attacks and new threats, before vulnerabilities can be exploited.
  • Intrusion Prevention
    Provides proactive and real-time protection against potential network or information breaches.
  • Extendable and Customised Prevention
    Supports self-defining prevention policies that help companies meet customised requirements (e.g., based on compliance demands) and to create new policies for the prevention of newly discovered threats.
  • Comprehensive Web Threat Prevention
    Provides all-around, in-depth analysis to HTTP protocols. A dynamic, comprehensive and reliable website reputation database efficiently blocks users' access to potentially dangerous URLs. Stops web-based malware, ActiveX controls and more.
  • Traffic Control
    Blocks all unauthorised traffic and optimises bandwidth for key applications, which ensures maximum throughput.
  • Behaviour Management
    Monitors and manages online behavior such as Instant Messaging (IM), Peer-to-Peer (P2P) downloads, online games, online videos, and online stock transactions, helping administrators identify and limit unauthorised traffic, as well as better implement security and usage policies.
  • Powerful Processing Capability
    Supports multi-core parallel processing for increased efficiency, higher throughput and lower performance delay rate. With multi-gigabit processing capacity, it can handle 64-byte to 1518-byte packets, delivering efficient traffic filtering and management without affecting business operations.
  • High Availability
    Offers high availability solutions and supports “Active/Active” and “Active/Standby” configurations, as well as built-in bypass and hardware bypass deployments. This allows for automated redundancy and failover - ensuring constant uptime.

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