mCloud Platform

mCloud is an enterprise-grade virtualisation platform designed for mission-critical, high-performing virtual workloads.

What is mCloud?

mCloud is our own high availability (HA), infinitely scalable, and secure virtualisation platform.  To eliminate the constraints of vendor lock-in, it has purposely been built on open-source compute, storage and networking technologies.

Bringing together server virtualisation, storage, computing, and networking all within a single platform, mCloud allows for seamless management of virtual machines, containers, storage, and the networks linking them together.

Useful not only for public and private clouds, but one of the unique approaches available to customers is the ability to reduce OPEX by contributing their own hardware to the platform.

mCloud Platform

The Backbone of mCloud

At its core, three modules form the basis for our mCloud platform: mCompute, mSAN and mNetworking.

mCompute - Cloud Compute Cluster

What is mCompute?

The mCompute platform is a high availability (HA) cluster of enterprise-grade Dell servers used to host virtual workloads.  It delivers high-performance, even for the most demanding applications.

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mSAN- Cloud Storage Cluster

What is mSAN?

The mSAN platform represents the next generation in storage solutions.  Outperforming traditional systems where they fall short, it integrates object, block and file storage into a singular, unified storage platform.

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Additional Features of mCloud

High Availability

By utilising our mCompute and mSAN clusters, all workloads are independent of the physical hosts they're running on, protecting them from downtime caused by hardware issues.


With the adding of resources being as simple as using our self-serve portals or contacting our 24/7 team, users are able to easily scale their environment as needed.


Our mCloud platform utilises open-source software from OpenStack and Ceph, enabling you to have the confidence that you’re not locked into a single provider.


Our mCompute and mSAN platforms both utilise Intel XEON Gold CPUs and NVMe SSDs to deliver high-performance, even for the most-demanding of applications.


We're up-to-date with the latest in security standards. This includes being ISO 27001, 27002, 27018 and 14520 certified; PCI compliant; and IRAP assessed.

DDoS Protection

mCloud is protected via our comprehensive DDoS platform which employs multiple layers of protection to inspect, scan and filter traffic at our global scrubbing centres.

Backed by Tier IV

Double down on high availability by combining bulletproof virtual servers with the highest uptime accreditation that a data centre can have.  Micron21 is Australia's first Tier IV accredited data centre.

Data Sovereignty

Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. In this cyber age with concerns over foreign influence, the physical sovereignty of your data is the ultimate peace of mind.

 Technologies Powering mCloud

OpenStack Logo

Openstack allows users to control pools of resources like compute, storage, and networking resources, all managed through APIs or via a dashboard.

Beyond standard Infrastructure-as-a-Service functionality, additional components provide orchestration, fault management and service management amongst other services to ensure high availability of user applications.

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Ceph Logo

Ceph is a storage system that provides a unified storage service with object, block, and file interfaces from clusters of storage hardware.

Designed to address the block, file and object storage needs of modern enterprises – its highly scalable architecture sees it being adopted as the new norm for high-growth block storage, object stores, and data lakes.

Why Micron21?

Seamless Migration

Seamless migration from any other provider

The Micron21 team are experts in facilitating a smooth and swift migration from VMware’s ESXi, Hyper-V, or other virtualisation platforms to mCloud.

Additionally, we can offer guidance for designing, building, and maintaining all different types of compute and storage platforms, whether you're looking to utilise OpenStack, Proxmox, CEPH, XFS, or any other technology.

Freedom from lock-in

Freedom from vendor lock-in

From our perspective, companies put a significant investment into their cloud technologies and should not be beholden to the whims of major commercial interests.

With the wide range of services offered and supported by Micron21, our clients retain the freedom of choice on what platform they can use and what provider they can choose to provide support for those platforms.

Powered by Dell

Powered by Dell

Through utilising high-performance enterprise-grade Dell hardware, we're able to provide:

  • High core and RAM capacities for running virtual machines and containers
  • High capacity and high performance storage
  • Comprehensive end-to-end hardware and software accountability
  • High availability, ensuring the continuous operation for virtual workloads
  • Cost-effective compute and storage solutions for a wide range of enterprise requirements
DDoS Protected Network

Global DDOS Protected Network

We operate the second largest peered network in Australia and connect globally with over 1900 networks.  With presence in USA, Singapore, Europe and Australia - we have over 700gbit of global capacity.

Our entire network is protected by our world class DDoS mitigation platform, which is purpose-built for Australian operations to achieve data sovereignty and low latency.

Need help solutioning or migrating?

Wherever you're currently hosted, we have dedicated solution architects that can assist with the design, build, and migration away from your current platform. 

We’re experts in designing large-scale cloud platforms and can assist you regardless of what platform you are looking at moving to.

If you're interested in migrating over to any of our cloud platforms, we’d love to have a conversation to assist you with this next stage of your cloud platform journey.

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