Global Transit

Our IP transit network offers robust and reliable connectivity. Powered by a multimillion-dollar fibre optic network, it is a peerless communication link.

With six international points-of-presence, the Micron21 (AS38880) IP network supports the flow of internet transit for millions of people accessing content across the world each day. It is a global solution offering world-class performance in connectivity, speed and consistent transfer of traffic. Our fully redundant network is designed and carefully maintained in accordance with customer requirements.

It is scalable on demand, empowering clients to support large advertised events, and powers some of the most popular and frequently accessed content across the world.

High performance. Low latency.

We only provide high performance and extremely low latency bandwidth that is capable of spanning the globe. This ensures we offer a level of quality that cheaper providers simply cannot replicate. Additionally, every fibre carrier within our data centre enters from diverse locations to further protect our customers from the complete service failure that can be caused by an unlikely physical network cut.

Further, through collaboration with industry leading peers including Brocade, Dell-Force10, Juniper, A10 and NSFOCUS, we've configured an IP transit service that protects against any single point of failure within the network – delivering maximum capacity at all times. The end result is a vastly superior network connection that offers complete reliability.

Why choose Micron21 Fully Redundant IP Transit?

  • Access a world-class, fast and reliable network connection.
  • Managed around-the-clock by our Network Operation Centre.
  • DDoS protected transit for inbound traffic, including layer 7 protection with real-time DDoS attack visibility.
  • Online bandwidth statistics list real-time Netflow and SNMP data.
  • Fully reliable flow of premium data.
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