Vulnerability Scanning

Detect vulnerabilities first, before someone else does

With business operations relying more and more on cloud-based solutions, it's important to make sure that sensitive data stored on your systems is protected and that your infrastructure remains operational and secure. 

To achieve that you first need to know when you are vulnerable so that you can take action to protect not only your infrastructure and data, but also your businesses reputation.

Detect and fix vulnerabilities in your infrastructure

The first step to securing your infrastructure and protecting your data and systems is to know when you are exposed to an attack.

With any IT system, it's a truism that it will at some point be vulnerable to exploitation at some point. Whether it’s because of a new vulnerability that is found in an older and un-updated piece of software, or a new bug that is introduced with an update from the software vendor themselves, it’s important to make sure that you are the one to find any possible vulnerabilities before someone else does.

This is why Micron21 has recently partnered with Qualys who are the leading provider of information security and compliance services and solutions.

Micron21 has partnered with Qualys

To assist all our customers, Micron21 is pleased to announce its partnership with Qualys, winner of SC-Media’s 2020 vulnerability management awards. 

Empowered by systems provided by Qualys, we are now able to offer continuous and automatic infrastructure scanning and patching service.

With this service our customers can:

  • Be aware of any threats or misconfiguration issues that exist within their IT infrastructure
  • Fix any discovered issues before they can be exploited by malicious third-parties
  • Comply with PCI requirements for cyber-security

The Vulnerability Scanning service can be configured to scan your environment both externally and internally, protecting you both against threats both from the internet, or from potentially compromised systems within your infrastructure.

With its daily scan regimen and immediate notifications, vulnerabilities are found as soon as they occur, allowing us take proactive measures to patch and secure your services immediately.

Free Initial Vulnerability Scan

As a special offer, Micron21 is offering a free initial scan for customers hosting their own server with us.

Note: Limit of one scan on a single IP address per customer.

For more information on this service, to get it setup on your infrastructure, or have us complete a free scan of your server, contact us via the form below on call us on 1300 769 972 (Option #1).

Get a free initial scan of your server today


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