Firewall Services

Our firewall solutions offer high performance, fully-scalable intelligent network protection for enterprise, government and wholesale service providers.

Regardless of the scale of your operating environment, your server doesn't need to work alone. Even a powerful cloud server can benefit from having its workload lightened.

When you implement or engage a cloud server, you task it with performing a certain function. Completing that function to an optimum standard typically requires the server's full capacity. Malicious intrusion attempts and surges of illegitimate traffic can leave servers overwrought, exposing potential vulnerabilities or impacting negatively on performance.

The ideal solution is a robust and responsive next-generation firewall, designed to guard against attack and preserve operations.

Firewalls and web filtering appliances.

These virtual appliances are normally deployed at the edge of the the customer’s network and connect directly with the Micron21 network. The firewalls and web filtering appliances will inspect all traffic and apply policies to it to allow or deny access accordingly. The web filter will also analyse outgoing traffic to the internet and block access to blocking access to malicious sites preventing web-based attacks and the potential of downloading malware, spyware or viruses by accessing these types of sites.

The virtual router can be deployed as the centre of the customer’s network and connect to Micron21 to handle all traffic external to the organisation.

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