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31 August 2023

Deep Dive - What is Imunify360 and why do we use it to protect our Shared Web Hosting platform?

In our security-focused articles in the past, we’ve covered a lot about the security services that we offer for the high-end of town.  This includes dedicated firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), simulated phishing campaigns, vul...

30 August 2023

Understand these cyber-security terms and concepts to better protect your business

It’s an unfortunate reality (and almost a rule within the digital world!) that the threat of cyber-crime will continue to grow year after year.  The reason for this is fairly easy to understand when you consider the incentives involved. ...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Acronis platform allows you to keep data for longer and recover data easier

With our other article this month going into detail about our Veeam platform – the backup platform that we use to protect our high-end VMware services – we thought that we should also talk about Acronis - our other backup platform which is m...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Veeam platform helps protect from ransomware and allows for quicker RTOs

Whilst we’ve never put out an article on the tools that are available for it – one re-occurring point that we’ve touched on many times is the importance of backing up your systems.  Without them, not only are you exposed to data l...

28 June 2023

Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress – A brief history and an exciting new website tool

When it comes to open-source and free-to-use platforms for building a website, none is more popular and more widely used than WordPress.  With over 455 million websites the world over being built on it, there are many reasons for this wide adoption...

22 June 2023

Improve your cybersecurity posture – stop reusing insecure passwords!

Worryingly, it seems that every few months now a different organisation is being featured in the news, having been hit by a new cyber-attack and having their own data and/or the data of their clients stolen.  In these attacks, one commonly mentione...

26 May 2023

New services on the horizon - GPU Compute & Kubernetes!

This month we’re pleased to be able to announce two new exciting technologies that you’ll soon be able to utilise with your VMware Cloud services with Micron21. These technologies are a potential game-changer - as they’ll allow our cli...

26 May 2023

Multi-Cloud approaches can protect you from downtime, cyber-threats, and improve your bottom line

With reference to IT, when people hear the term "cloud” they often interpret it in many different ways.  In fact, when the US government asked the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to come up with a definition, i...

26 April 2023

With new data breaches every month, international security standards have never been more important

When you go to see a medical professional to treat or diagnose an ailment or medical condition, it’s usually a good idea to make sure they’re accredited to some degree.  Whilst it’s entirely possible that they have all the skills ...

26 April 2023

How AI voice cloning has opened the door to a horrific new type of phishing scam

In recent months we’ve covered the new language-model AI from OpenAI - called ChatGPT - and the potential implications for both cyber and job security.  We’ve also covered the history of phishing, discussing how it developed, how it wor...

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