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31 May 2024

Improve your internet speed and reliability by connecting directly to the cloud

As many learned during the Optus outage that occurred back in November last year, the reliability of internet connections can have a profound impact on the functioning of any organisation.  As we reported at the time1, crucial services l...

29 January 2024

Make sure your data is secure in transit – how you connect is as important as where you store it

With data security being on the top of everyone’s mind - and rightfully so given we hear about a new company data breach making the headlines each month - we’ve been ensuring to inform and keep you up-to-date with the many different way...

19 December 2023

The only way to be secure - find the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure before someone else does

With the other article this month highlighting the cyber threats to watch out for in 2024 - the next question arising is how do you go about finding out if your systems are vulnerable?  If you don’t know how to tell if your systems are open t...

29 November 2023

The recent Optus outage – what happened, how it was fixed, and how to protect yourself in the future

Everyone across Australia is likely already aware of the issues that affected the Optus network earlier this month.  They were hard to miss, as Optus is Australia’s second-largest telecommunications company and the outage affected their entir...

30 August 2023

Understand these cyber-security terms and concepts to better protect your business

It’s an unfortunate reality (and almost a rule within the digital world!) that the threat of cyber-crime will continue to grow year after year.  The reason for this is fairly easy to understand when you consider the incentives involved. ...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Acronis platform allows you to keep data for longer and recover data easier

With our other article this month going into detail about our Veeam platform – the backup platform that we use to protect our high-end VMware services – we thought that we should also talk about Acronis - our other backup platform which is m...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Veeam platform helps protect from ransomware and allows for quicker RTOs

Whilst we’ve never put out an article on the tools that are available for it – one re-occurring point that we’ve touched on many times is the importance of backing up your systems.  Without them, not only are you exposed to data l...

26 April 2023

With new data breaches every month, international security standards have never been more important

When you go to see a medical professional to treat or diagnose an ailment or medical condition, it’s usually a good idea to make sure they’re accredited to some degree.  Whilst it’s entirely possible that they have all the skills ...

28 March 2023

Deep Dive – What are SSL certificates and why do you need one?

Back in 2017, Google decided to make a change to their Chrome browser to display a “Not Secure” message in the URL bar for any website that didn’t have an SSL certificate.  Even prior to this change, Google was rewarding those sit...

23 February 2023

With 80% of malware evading antivirus applications, signature-based protection isn’t enough anymore

When it comes to protecting IT infrastructure and cyber-security, it’s an everlasting race between the malicious third-parties aiming to break into systems and the cyber-security professionals aiming to thwart them.  An unfortunate truth that...

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