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31 August 2022

Meet the Team: Sheldon Dyer

Sheldon heads up the commercial team at Micron21. This covers the broad areas of sales, marketing and a some of our legal/compliance requirements. His typical day can involve solution design with customers, preparing our next marketing campaign, wr...

28 July 2022

Meet the Team: Damian Jackson

Damian’s typical day to day consists of responding to customer issues, working on support ticket escalations, completing internal and customer based project work, and maintaining internal systems.

30 May 2022

Meet the Team: Daniel Weston

Daniel’s day at Micron21 can be quite varied - sometimes he's working on general maintenance tasks such as painting or fixing things within the data centre, and other days he could be splicing fibre and dealing with the network side ...

28 April 2022

Meet the Team: Vincent Curle

Vincent’s typical day consists of working in the Technical Support team, assisting our customers with any issues that they run into, as well as helping them configure and manage their hosting services.

30 March 2022

Meet the Team: Ross Witherby

A typical day for Ross consists of internal and customer project work, support ticket escalations, and maintenance of Micron21 systems. 

28 February 2022

Meet the Team: Slade Baylis

Slade's day to day usually consists of helping customers find solutions to the problems they are facing, writing blog articles, and improving the Micron21 website.

18 January 2022

Meet the Team: Arran Bartholomeusz

Arran's day to day usually consists of leading the activities across support, business improvement and infrastructure teams. This includes ensuring Micron21 customers receive support for all their products and services whilst developing and imp...

16 December 2021

Meet the Team: Tom "Ticket Smasher" Matthews

Having recently moved into the Sales Executive role earlier this year from previously having been a Support Analyst at Micron21, Tom’s day-to-day usually consists of helping customers find solutions to problems they are facing, via inbound calls, ...

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