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31 May 2024

Deep Dive - What is colocation and how to save money by using your own hardware

With the ever-growing trend over the last decade being the move of clients from hosting their systems on-premises to the cloud, it was a surprise to most when this trend started to change.  With the astronomical rise and adoption of public cloud pr...

31 May 2024

Improve your internet speed and reliability by connecting directly to the cloud

As many learned during the Optus outage that occurred back in November last year, the reliability of internet connections can have a profound impact on the functioning of any organisation.  As we reported at the time1, crucial services l...

20 February 2024

Deep Dive – How CloudLinux improves security and stability on shared hosting environments

There are many advantages to hosting a lot of websites on a single server.  Primary among these is that it allows you to optimise your costs and make sure your servers are being utilised to their full potential rather than having resources sit idle...

22 January 2024

Deep Dive – Why we use and highly recommend LiteSpeed to drastically speed up websites

When it comes to improving your website performance, usually the aim is to increase the site’s conversion rate for online sales.  However, one area that’s often overlooked is how having a fast website shows your visitors that you v...

28 November 2023

Avoid “budget” hosting - use these criteria to ensure you’re with a good hosting provider

In the hosting industry, there’s a tendency for budget hosting providers to try and attract customers by offering the lowest price possible for their hosting plans.  Unfortunately, as alluring as this sounds, this race-to-the-b...

28 September 2023

Understand these performance terms and concepts to improve your website speed

When it comes to selling products and services online, having a quick website can be the difference between landing a sale and having someone abandon your site in frustration – as surprisingly, even a difference of a second or less can make a huge...

28 September 2023

Upcoming upgrades to our VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure – New Dell PowerEdge R660 servers!

Here at Micron21 we’ve always prided ourselves on using the latest and greatest hardware that’s available.  We’ve gone above and beyond what’s required with our own data centre – attaining “Tier IV” accredi...

26 May 2023

New services on the horizon - GPU Compute & Kubernetes!

This month we’re pleased to be able to announce two new exciting technologies that you’ll soon be able to utilise with your VMware Cloud services with Micron21. These technologies are a potential game-changer - as they’ll allow our cli...

26 May 2023

Multi-Cloud approaches can protect you from downtime, cyber-threats, and improve your bottom line

With reference to IT, when people hear the term "cloud” they often interpret it in many different ways.  In fact, when the US government asked the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to come up with a definition, i...

16 September 2022

How to make your WordPress site even faster

In the past we’ve released previous articles on common methods for speeding up websites – from methods such as implementing caching, combining and compressing content, optimising images, to even how your hosting provider’s network coul...

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