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31 May 2024

Deep Dive - What is colocation and how to save money by using your own hardware

With the ever-growing trend over the last decade being the move of clients from hosting their systems on-premises to the cloud, it was a surprise to most when this trend started to change.  With the astronomical rise and adoption of public cloud pr...

20 February 2024

Deep Dive – How CloudLinux improves security and stability on shared hosting environments

There are many advantages to hosting a lot of websites on a single server.  Primary among these is that it allows you to optimise your costs and make sure your servers are being utilised to their full potential rather than having resources sit idle...

22 January 2024

Deep Dive – Why we use and highly recommend LiteSpeed to drastically speed up websites

When it comes to improving your website performance, usually the aim is to increase the site’s conversion rate for online sales.  However, one area that’s often overlooked is how having a fast website shows your visitors that you v...

31 August 2023

Deep Dive - What is Imunify360 and why do we use it to protect our Shared Web Hosting platform?

In our security-focused articles in the past, we’ve covered a lot about the security services that we offer for the high-end of town.  This includes dedicated firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), simulated phishing campaigns, vul...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Acronis platform allows you to keep data for longer and recover data easier

With our other article this month going into detail about our Veeam platform – the backup platform that we use to protect our high-end VMware services – we thought that we should also talk about Acronis - our other backup platform which is m...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Veeam platform helps protect from ransomware and allows for quicker RTOs

Whilst we’ve never put out an article on the tools that are available for it – one re-occurring point that we’ve touched on many times is the importance of backing up your systems.  Without them, not only are you exposed to data l...

28 March 2023

Deep Dive – What are SSL certificates and why do you need one?

Back in 2017, Google decided to make a change to their Chrome browser to display a “Not Secure” message in the URL bar for any website that didn’t have an SSL certificate.  Even prior to this change, Google was rewarding those sit...

27 February 2023

Deep Dive – What is phishing, where did it come from, and how can you avoid it?

When it comes to cyber-security threats, the imagination instantly jumps to images of hackers wearing hoodies, in dark rooms lit only by the light of their monitors, tapping away on a keyboard at a mile a minute, breaking into online services through an...

30 August 2022

Deep Dive – What are domains and how do they work?

When it comes to starting your business, one of the main things you’ll need to do is get a website set up.  After all, with more and more people shopping and finding businesses online these days, if you don’t have a website, they might ...

30 July 2022

Deep Dive – What is “spam” and how can you improve the deliverability of your emails?

When it comes to a term like “spam” you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a four letter abbreviation for some obscure technical term, something like “Spontaneous Promotional and Advertisement Messages” – howe...

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