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20 February 2024

Looking for an alternative to Dropbox or Onedrive? Create your own private cloud storage instead!

When it comes to backing up your data, one of the more popular options that a lot of people have taken a liking to is cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s Onedrive.  However, much like the realisations that ma...

29 November 2023

The recent Optus outage – what happened, how it was fixed, and how to protect yourself in the future

Everyone across Australia is likely already aware of the issues that affected the Optus network earlier this month.  They were hard to miss, as Optus is Australia’s second-largest telecommunications company and the outage affected their entir...

28 November 2023

Avoid “budget” hosting - use these criteria to ensure you’re with a good hosting provider

In the hosting industry, there’s a tendency for budget hosting providers to try and attract customers by offering the lowest price possible for their hosting plans.  Unfortunately, as alluring as this sounds, this race-to-the-b...

30 October 2023

How to resolve issues faster – key information we’ll need to fast-track the solution

It’s an unfortunate reality that all things break as they age - entropy is a law of the universe, with all things becoming more disordered over time.  In some ways this is even true in the ephemeral world of  IT,  which is why IT pr...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Acronis platform allows you to keep data for longer and recover data easier

With our other article this month going into detail about our Veeam platform – the backup platform that we use to protect our high-end VMware services – we thought that we should also talk about Acronis - our other backup platform which is m...

28 July 2023

Deep Dive - How our Veeam platform helps protect from ransomware and allows for quicker RTOs

Whilst we’ve never put out an article on the tools that are available for it – one re-occurring point that we’ve touched on many times is the importance of backing up your systems.  Without them, not only are you exposed to data l...

26 May 2023

Multi-Cloud approaches can protect you from downtime, cyber-threats, and improve your bottom line

With reference to IT, when people hear the term "cloud” they often interpret it in many different ways.  In fact, when the US government asked the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to come up with a definition, i...

30 January 2023

Improve your reliability and security through colocation, and reduce your costs!

For almost every business, the digital frontier is quickly becoming - if it hasn’t already - one of the most important factors when it comes to growth and overall success. With this being the case, IT infrastructure - such as file and data storage...

29 November 2022

Cloud-to-Cloud Backups – Why backups of your data are just as important as ever!

With more and more services now being provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms hosted out of cloud infrastructure, a lot of assumptions are made about these services by the people that use them.  Primary among these assumptions is the unf...

15 December 2021

Backing up your data – What should you consider when protecting your business?

You don’t want to be flying by the seat of your pants when it when it comes to the systems your business relies on – and running them without backups is doing just that.  Much like jumping out of an airplane without a backup parachute, ...

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