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31 May 2024

Deep Dive - What is colocation and how to save money by using your own hardware

With the ever-growing trend over the last decade being the move of clients from hosting their systems on-premises to the cloud, it was a surprise to most when this trend started to change.  With the astronomical rise and adoption of public cloud pr...

31 May 2024

Improve your internet speed and reliability by connecting directly to the cloud

As many learned during the Optus outage that occurred back in November last year, the reliability of internet connections can have a profound impact on the functioning of any organisation.  As we reported at the time1, crucial services l...

30 April 2024

Australian Signals Directorate exposes Russian hacker as the culprit in Medibank breach

We’ve been following the Medibank breach since it occurred back in 2022, having reported on it initially when it happened1, as well as providing several updates as things developed.  Just last month we put an article out about how ...

30 April 2024

Nissan confirms 100,000 customers affected by previous data breach by the Akira Ransomware group

As is unfortunately the new normal, each month it seems like there is news of another data breach of a major organisation.  Perhaps it could be related to the increasing use of AI in cyberattacks, or alternatively, it could just be a sign that cybe...

28 March 2024

Operation Guardian links 11,000 new cyber-crime incidents to Medibank breach

A while ago – back in November of 2022 – we covered the data breaches of Optus, Medibank, and Harcourts - explaining how each of them were preventable by fairly basic changes to their systems and policies.  We wanted to let our&nbs...

27 March 2024

Microsoft targeted and breached by Russian state-sponsored hacking group “Midnight Blizzard”

In news that should concern everyone who uses Microsoft services - either personally or for work – Microsoft have disclosed that an attack from earlier this year appears to have led to source code being stolen in an “ongoing attack”.

20 February 2024

Looking for an alternative to Dropbox or Onedrive? Create your own private cloud storage instead!

When it comes to backing up your data, one of the more popular options that a lot of people have taken a liking to is cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s Onedrive.  However, much like the realisations that ma...

20 February 2024

Deep Dive – How CloudLinux improves security and stability on shared hosting environments

There are many advantages to hosting a lot of websites on a single server.  Primary among these is that it allows you to optimise your costs and make sure your servers are being utilised to their full potential rather than having resources sit idle...

29 January 2024

Make sure your data is secure in transit – how you connect is as important as where you store it

With data security being on the top of everyone’s mind - and rightfully so given we hear about a new company data breach making the headlines each month - we’ve been ensuring to inform and keep you up-to-date with the many different way...

22 January 2024

Deep Dive – Why we use and highly recommend LiteSpeed to drastically speed up websites

When it comes to improving your website performance, usually the aim is to increase the site’s conversion rate for online sales.  However, one area that’s often overlooked is how having a fast website shows your visitors that you v...

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