Veeam Backup

Our flagship backup product, the ESX Live Image Backup service "Veeam" takes a running copy of either a VMWare or Hyper-V based virtual machine and stores it on a remote Enterprise NAS, protected with RAID 6 for data recovery purposes.

With Veeam, your restoration points are complete, and we can restore a virtual machine using Veeam in less than 15 minutes. Store as many retention points as you like – with a low overhead per server, and with very affordable, reliable backup disk space.

Why use Veeam Backup?

  • Block-level replication enables faster backups.
  • Extreme reliability with complete management and alerting on success, warning and failure.
  • Rapid restoration of entire servers: turn on the machine from a remote location within minutes.
  • All Micron21 Backups are fully encrypted and stored offsite in a secure facility that is 33kms geographically separated.
  • Virtually non-existent performance impact when conducting incremental backups.

Complete restore in less than 15 minutes

Veeam is a multi-platform backup solution, offering hypervisor level backup, and multiple layers of recovery tools. Operating at a hypervisor level, Veeam communicates with Micron21’s hyperconverged clusters to generate its backups. The Veeam backup service creates an initial copy of the virtual machine's container and stores it offsite on the NAS. This is known as a full backup.

Following the completion of the initial backup, the server processing nodes, known as proxies, compress the data and create an index of the Virtual Machine container. Once complete, the backup is then stored in a location on one of our Enterprise NAS devices (known as data repositories).

The next time the backup runs, our Veeam cluster scans the Virtual Machine for changes made to the VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) and configuration files. It is important to note that this is done at the block level, with the backup application identifying any blocks which have changed, as well as tracking new and deleted blocks. This is known as block-level replication or delta-style backup.

After identifying the data that has been changed or added, the only requirement left is to copy that data, and build a new restore point on the NAS, based off the initial full image backup. The completion of this process results in two restore points (one full and one incremental) with the incremental having copied a smaller amount of data.

Full Image Backups are best used as a complete disaster recovery solution. The solution takes a copy of the entire virtual container, making it extremely fast to restore a virtual machine in the instance of data loss or corruption. This process becomes even faster when the repository is configured to use NFS, as it allows for direct mounting of the VMDK (VMware Virtual Machine Disk) straight from the NAS device to the ESX or Hyper-V host.

All backups are sent directly and securely to Micron21’s offsite storage for safe-keeping. When you order a Veeam backup solution from Micron21, we will install, and setup your backups based on your data loss prevention requirements.

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