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At Micron21, we will never Helpbe unreachable by phone, or not have someone on duty for you. You can always speak to a Micron21 support engineer during the day and at any time in an emergency. Our phone support is always available and doesn't end until the situation has been resolved.

Micron21 Real Support

Technical support is typically needed at three main times

  • When a server is being tested, before it goes live

  • When something isn't working correctly in the application or database

  • When the site or server is down for some unknown reason.

Micron21 support is comprehensive and high quality. Our support staff are the same engineers that service Micron21's infrastructure - specialising in all forms of datacentre services including routers, switches firewalls, servers, software, databases and operating systems. They have great communication skills and are dedicated to providing the best result for you. With years of experience in technical troubleshooting, the Micron21 support team applies logical, methodical, and lateral thinking to solve your problem.
Whether you have a question, are looking for advice, or there is a problem either trivial or major: our support is available to you. Our solution responses are quick and efficient. Like our wider approach, Micron21 support service hinges on partnership, with skillful, qualified and committed support engineers who work to enhance your existing resources.
Micron21 provide premium services that are designed to be fully managed, and fully supported by us and our vendors. Our goal is to maintain a great relationship with our customers by consistently giving great service, advice, and support. The ways that we achieve this are many – Micron21 staff are always available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you have a support contact and a problem you can call Micron21 staff and the support desk or on-call engineer will be able to answer the phone and help you with any enquiry. All of our staff are technical experts, and specialists in their area. We value customer service, and make sure that our staff can communicate on all levels to our customers as well as provide a high level of technical assistance.
Our service goes beyond having specialists available by telephone – our network and service monitoring allows us to include your applications and services as well. Receive real time notifications about service status by e-mail and SMS if required. We provide an online portal to view your usage statistics, server load, capacity and uptime. See live data on your service status, including latency and emulated ‘user experience’ monitoring. We provide live bandwidth usage information, as well as historic data through our Netflow online portal - so you can see what’s going on in your network. With the right information at your fingertips, you can better manage your business by being in control of your services.
Micron21 service comes with a guarantee – our Datacentre will provide a 100% uptime guarantee for cooling, power, and network. Our support options give you a choice of service uptime and guaranteed response times – all with a minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee for your service.

Managed IT Services.

We believe that Managed IT Services should be exactly that – fully managed.
As a result, the Micron21 approach to managed service solutions is dedicated and comprehensive.
Our offerings are designed to completely remove the complication of IT management. Whether that involves taking full responsibility for your entire infrastructure or tailoring a custom approach to meet specific business needs, we have the service capability and the expertise.
With an in-house team of experienced specialists, Micron21 is equipped to meet all IT requirements.
We’re capable of handling every aspect of enterprise grade IT operation: development, DDoS, network, SEN, wireless, dedicated physical, cloud, backup, firewall, and load balancing. This wealth of experience and knowledge empowers Micron21 to provide and manage the full suite of complex IT services.

Your business, empowered by Micron21.
Our expertise is at your disposal. With less investment into the time and resources required to manage IT needs, your organisation can focus more intensely on achieving business outcomes.
Whether you require innovation or risk elimination, we can meet your needs. Whether your business needs reliability or scalability, we will accommodate. We dedicate resources to deliver a solution that eliminates instability, worry and hassle. And that dedication extends from our solutions to our service.
Micron21 proudly adopts a concierge approach to Managed IT Services. Whenever you need to tap into the necessary skills of our practiced experts, you can. Night or day, from anywhere in the world.
Why Micron 21 Managed IT Services?

  • Fully customisable service offering. Pick and choose your solutions.
  • 24-hour fully managed support for all layers of technology throughout our infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed hardware reliability.
  • We guarantee to solve any problem.
  • Dedicated support: day or night.
  • Guaranteed growth path and scalability of service.

From Self-Managed to Ultimate Support
Our fully-managed support plans offer peace of mind: the security of knowing you have support when you need it. If you are looking for a solution that takes away the worry and stress associated with maintaining IT infrastructure and an in-house IT department, then one of our fully-managed support plans is the right solution for you.
Micron21 Support plans turn a self-managed service into a fully managed solution designed for clients who require the reliability of an enterprise solution without the responsibility of maintaining the entire environment.

Business Support
Micron21 have engineers available to help you when you need it most - we'll answer e-mails anytime an engineer is on duty, and we welcome you to contact us by telephone between the business hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Our support engineers will be able to assist you with any inquiry - from a user setting up a mailbox, to a sysadmin wanting a second pair of eyes to check his database configuration. In the event of a problem with your service, call or e-mails us and we'll provide on-the-spot resolutions to your problem.

24/7 Premium Support
With all the benefits of the Business support package, 24/7 Premium Support comes with a great bundle of extras. If your business needs more than just a 9 to 5 life-line, our 24/7 Premium Support package gives you a direct line to our engineers who are always on call. Don't worry about that 3AM wake-up - we understand that not all businesses run during the day, as we're a round-the-clock company ourselves.
In addition to 24 hour phone support, we provide passive support and Monitoring – we'll add your servers to our alerts list and if there are critical problems, we'll know about it and be working to fix it before you can pick up the phone. Where possible we'll contact you and keep you informed - so you can rest assured that we're on top of your services. You will also get access to receive automatic e-mail notifications about usage and alerts regarding your services.

Ultimate Support
For the enterprise level experience, we have a package which includes all the benefits of Business Support and 24/7 Premium Support, and covers all of your products for one cost.
Customers with our Ultimate support package will also have custom pro-active monitoring set up, the option to receive SMS notifications, as well as e-mail notifications, in the instance of an event regarding your mission-critical services.
Our Ultimate Support customers have services that demand every aspect of High Availability, monitoring, support, security, and maintenance there is to offer. If you don't want to put your business at risk, Ultimate Support will help you keep your services safe.

Micron21 Support

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