Data Centre Infrastructure

Harness the power of Australia's first tier 4 data centre via ongoing managed services.

The data centre is increasingly becoming fortified as the central point of any information technology strategy. Infrastructure and capabilities are paramount.

As an enterprise facility offering uninterrupted power, high network capacity and unrivalled security, our superior infrastructure is more versatile than any competing data centre. We offer much more than conventional providers.

Our tier 4 data centre delivers world-class infrastructure and an elite managed environment. Micron21 offers a 100-rack high-density facility utilising the latest in industry-leading technology. We have recruited to enlist leading specialists from all corners of the Information Technology industry; you leverage their experience and expertise.

Versatile service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a solution to meet any business requirements. Whether the solution involves assisting a business through a full network restructure or a complete systems overhaul, we work with clients to deliver an ideal outcome.

Our focus is on providing end-to-end solutions to customers. We own all of the data centre infrastructure. We maintain complete control over the nature of our offerings, and we are empowered to provide a full, comprehensive suite of services.

We take a proactive approach to migrating existing IT equipment and applications to a managed solution. If you have a consolidation, virtualisation or migration project which would result in Micron21 handling your services, we do all of the heavy lifting.

This eases the process of moving your infrastructure requirements, and provides you with technical resources and support to ensure a smooth transition with a focus on business continuity.

Why choose the Micron21 Data Centre?

  • Partner with Australia's first tier 4 design certified data centre.
  • Fully fault-tolerant and dual powered facility guarantees 99.995% availability.
  • Highly experienced team of specialised service technicians.
  • Deal directly with the engineers who designed and built the Micron21 Data Centre and infrastructure.

Solution architecture.

In addition to handling the migration process, we are perfectly equipped to design and architect solutions for our customers. We engineer everything: from network design through to full systems architecture.

If you require design analysis to ensure best practice, compliance, or consultation regarding the optimum approach to achieve your infrastructure goals, we will work to meet your needs.

The Micron21 setup is designed to facilitate the growth of your private cloud, and we pride ourselves on the over-and-above assistance we provide our customers.

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