Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of on-premise and cloud services. This ensures that your past IT investments are leveraged to offer you greater flexibility and agility.

The IT industry is steadily moving all services to the cloud. However, the reality is that many businesses still require both on-premise and cloud services. This combined approach is known as hybrid cloud computing.

True hybrid cloud technology.

True hybrid cloud can ensure that past IT investments are leveraged, not lost. At Micron21, we can maximise your existing infrastructure through our capacity for end-to-end solutions. We can provide high speed connectivity from your office to our data centre. This enables our Cloud to directly integrate with your current environment, offering flexibility and enhanced capacity.

Workplaces are evolving by moving away from centralised, in-house IT. Staff are operating in a new environment: working from home, connecting in remotely over high-speed internet, and using secure VPNs to modernise business operations. In addition to greater flexibility, hybrid cloud services can cut down on infrastructure costs like office space, amenities, and workstations.

Included in Every Plan:

We can set up both fixed VPN connections between your office and your cloud environment, as well as connect-anywhere VPN to allow you to work in the cloud environment from anywhere.
Our cloud resources are completely scalable. This means your cloud environment is able to easily grow with your business.
Our hybrid cloud utilizes your existing hardware investment, as well as cloud resources, to save your organization money.
No longer is your entire business dependant on the office’s internet connection. With the ability to dial in remotely, you can connect from any internet connection, including from your phone’s hotspot.
High-Speed Internet
Why not deploy one of our high-speed fibre or fixed-wireless internet services to pair with your hybrid cloud? You can connect from $150 per month
24/7 Local Support
No more waiting on hold to speak to someone halfway around the world. Our support team is available by phone or email 24 hours a day.

Why consider a hybrid cloud?

  • You have made previous investments into business IT infrastructure.
  • Your business is expanding and changing, and so is your need for a reliable IT solution.
  • You require an IT solution that will integrate with your current solution for multiple sites.
  • Your business model is de-centralising and you need to transition away from in-house IT.

VMware Hybrid Cloud Solutions

This short video from our software partner VMWare describes some of the benefits you can expect from moving to a hybrid cloud solution.

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Private VPN: Office fibre connection

A reliable, dedicated internet service is a crucial aspect of running a business – regardless of the size or scope of operation. Micron21 can connect your office to our data centre using High Speed Fibre or Wireless technology. This empowers you to connect your in-house network to either a Cloud Network or dedicated switch in our environment. The result is a versatile and reliable Hybrid Cloud solution.

Fibre connections are available in most areas and with free installation on a 36-month contract. Connect your office to the Micron21 Cloud from $150 per month. Call or email us today to get a quote on a Private VPN for your business.

SSL VPN Firewall: Connect from anywhere

If your business is growing or expanding geographically, it may be too decentralised for a single dedicated service.

We can provide connection into our Cloud via a dedicated SSL VPN with two-factor authentication. The SSL VPN Firewall can work in conjunction with other services, such as the Private VPN, to provide a versatile and high-speed dedicated connection.

  • Staff can securely join your cloud network via any internet connection.
  • Greater security and accessibility.
  • Scalable service, starting from $200 per month (plus $120 per hardware token).

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