mSAN - Cloud Storage Cluster

A fully fault-tolerant and geographically-redundant storage platform.

What is mSAN?

mSAN Cloud Storage Cluster

mSAN represents the next generation in storage solutions, outperforming traditional systems where they fall short. It integrates object, block, and file storage into a singular, unified storage platform.

Its flexibility ensures that you're able to meet your data storage needs both today and into the future, across various environments including on-premises, cloud-based, and colocated environments.

Able to scale quickly and efficiently, mSAN sidesteps the downtime associated with other storage solutions. You can move away from those costly vendor-specific solutions, and instead utilise mSAN to meet your current storage demands with the knowledge that you can always expand your storage capabilities in line with the growth of your business.

Ceph - the technology powering mSAN

Ceph provides a flexible foundation for all data storage, uniting object, block and file types in a single unified RADOS cluster.

With Ceph you're able to achieve platform and hardware independence with seamless access to object storage; access to block device images through Ceph’s thinly provisioned RADOS Block Device (RBD); or use of Ceph's traditional file system interface (CephFS).

Through global collaboration, sourcing exclusive expertise and rapid development, the Ceph community ensures Ceph is and continues to be industry leading.


Better Performance & More Capacity

Our mSAN platform offers a wide array of benefits over other cloud providers:

  • Each storage node is powered by dual Gold Intel XEON CPUs
  • One terabyte of cache memory per storage node
  • 100 Gbit uplink capacity per storage node
  • Multiple fully independent storage clusters for redundancy
  • Each cluster containing multiple dedicated monitoring nodes
  • Multiple different ways of connecting to storage, including RBD (Rados Block Device), RGW (RADOS Gateway), and CephFS (Ceph File System)
  • Built to use a dedicated 100 Gbit redundant switching fabric
  • Protected via redundant power infrastructure and more via our Tier IV data centre
  • Near real-time replication of data to secondary facility and journalling with mSAN Enterprise
Fault Tolerant

Fault Tolerant

In the realm of data storage, reliability and sophisticated management are critical. mSAN delivers peace of mind through its self-managing, self-healing capabilities, pre-emptively solving problems before they arise.

Engineered for redundancy by employing replication to distribute multiple copies of data across several nodes, the mSAN is able to ensure the availability of data. It's built to be resilient, fault-tolerant, and self-healing - meaning that it's protected from both data loss and downtime.

Infinitely Scalable Storage

Infinitely Scalable Storage

Leveraging a network of storage servers, we provide a seamless storage solution that functions as a cohesive unit, capable of easy scaling to meet any requirement. This enables organisations to start small and expand capacity over time.

Whether starting with smaller requirements or aiming for future capacities of over a petabyte, the mSAN platform stands out for ensuring uninterrupted data availability.

High Performance Storage

High Performance Storage

Unlike traditional storage systems, which struggle with latency and rigid infrastructures, mSAN excels in performance through the utilisation of enterprise-grade NVMe SSD storage, whilst also allowing for scalability and flexibility.

NVMe SSDs amplify performance for virtualised workloads - with high throughput ensuring rapid access to virtual resources, as well as allowing the mSAN platform to efficiently manage large data volumes, ideal for data-intensive applications.

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We’re experts on everything cloud. We can offer guidance for designing, building, and maintaining all different types of compute and storage platforms.

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The Micron21 team are experts in facilitating a smooth and swift migration from VMware’s ESXi, Hyper-V, or other virtualisation platforms to mCloud.

Additionally, we can offer guidance for designing, building, and maintaining all different types of compute and storage platforms, whether you're looking to utilise OpenStack, Proxmox, CEPH, XFS, or any other technology.

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