Cloud Storage

Big data doesn't mean expensive data.

We offer a variety of data storage solution grades as an add-on to most of our services: from disk space suitable for cold backups, to Solid State Drive storage capable of serving High Availability machines. We also offer redundant data as a solution, as a primary service. We leverage our highly redundant and versatile infrastructure to provide the ideal Managed Storage Solution for your business.

Custom storage solutions

If you have a cloud server, physical dedicated server, or are co-located in our environment already, you can purchase a customised data storage solution to complement existing services. Pay per gigabyte to reserve reliable backup space for appliances. Or, pay per hour to access temporary and elastic big data storage as a solution for growing business needs, or for auditing purposes.

Storage solutions are provided in the form of virtual disks, network locations, or simple FTP storage – whatever you need to suit your application.

Why use managed storage solutions from Micron21?

  • Flexibility: pay-per-gigabyte or pay-per-hour.
  • Access highly redundant and versatile Tier IV infrastructure.
  • Complement existing services.
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