High End Firewalls

Our firewall solutions offer high performance, fully-scalable intelligent network protection for enterprise, government and wholesale service providers.

Regardless of the scale of your operating environment, your server doesn't need to work alone. Even a powerful cloud server can benefit from having its workload lightened.

When you implement or engage a cloud server, you task it with performing a certain function. Completing that function to an optimum standard typically requires the server's full capacity. Malicious intrusion attempts and surges of illegitimate traffic can leave servers overwrought, exposing potential vulnerabilities or impacting negatively on performance.

The ideal solution is a robust and responsive next-generation firewall, designed to guard against attack and preserve operations.

Introducing Micron21's Juniper Firewalls.

With Juniper Firewalls, cloud servers sit behind our network-level protection and any harmful traffic is filtered. This frees the server to perform its function with no distraction, increasing both operating performance and security.

We can provide general firewall protection or advanced firewall rules for your server – to your specification. We can provide dedicated hardware firewalls for your cloud server, cloud data centre, dedicated or co-located server.

Why the SSG Security Appliance?

  • Delivers 160 Mbps of firewall traffic and 40 Mbps of IPSec VPN traffic.
  • Protects against worms, viruses, Trojans, spam and emerging malware,
  • Delivers proven UTM security features backed by best-in-class partners.
  • Seven on-board 10/100 interfaces with optional fixed WAN ports.

SSG Firewalls, powered by Juniper Networks.

We use Juniper SSG end user firewall solutions for virtual, dedicated and co-location clients.

This high-performance hardware security platform is perfectly suited to dedicated server or co-location clients who wish to stop internal and external attacks, prevent unauthorised network access, and achieve regulatory compliance.

To address internal security requirements and meet regulatory compliance, the SSG supports an advanced set of network protection features. These include security zones, viral routers and VLANS. As a result, administrators can divide the network into distinct, secure domains: each with its own unique security policy.

The policies protecting each security zone can include access control rules and inspection by any of the supported Unified Threat Management (UTM) security features.

With a broad range of I/O options couple with WAN protocol and encapsulation support in the routing engine, the SSG is a solution that can easily be deployed within the Micron21 Data Centre.

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