Australia's first Tier IV data centre is Micron21

Micron21 is preparing to deliver DDoS protection as a service to its global network, which will be hosted from its Melbourne-based datacentre from July.

This article from ZDNet outlines the origins, present and future of Micron21 as we continue to expand and grow our service offering.

Our new service offering of DDoS protection offers users the ability to avoid Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Micron21 is Australia's most peered network, with more than 1500 peers to help keep our network secure.

The company is currently in the application process of achieving Tier IV certification. Our managing director James Braunegg explains it will mean the facility will need to deliver 99.99 percent uptime as all components will be fault tolerant to achieve this status.

"So you could lose any aspect of the datacentre, but every single component is independent from one another ... so services will remain unaffected."

Braunegg also notes that the facility, when completed, will give the company 10 times the capacity that currently exists. We hope that with this increased capacity, we will be able to service a growing customer base with premium security and data excellence.

If you'd like to learn more about Tier IV and what it means for Micron21's service offering, you can get in touch or read the full article here.

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