Australian provider reaches for Tier IV

Reliability matters in Australia. Micron21 explains why it’s such a big deal.

Paul Mah from Datacenter Dynamics has written an article on Micron21's journey to reaching Tier IV certification. With many data centres in the industry claiming Tier III certification, Micron21 has broken free of the pack.

James Braunegg, managing director of Micron21, shares the origins of the datacentre – starting out as a business-within-a-business in the family-owned printing firm – taking advantage of the latter’s network connectivity and unused space to offer hosting services.

“We were actually selling services, not space. I was more of a managed service provider. However, I controlled and owned the building, the power, the cooling and the network,” noted Braunegg, who says his customers range from small and mid-sized businesses to Australian government departments that require fault tolerant services.

However, the journey to Tier IV accreditation is not easy. It's an expensive process that requires compliance with Uptime institute's range of tests and rigorous design conditions. The learning curve Is great, but the results are greater – with the accreditation making Micron21 the only Tier IV datacentre in Australia.

If you'd like to learn more about Tier IV, you can get in touch or read the full article here.

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