Micron21 challenges all-comers: can you commit cyber terrorism?

Cloud and data centre services provider Micron21 has issued a challenge to IT professionals – can you breach our multi-level security with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack?

Managing Director James Braunegg invites participants at AusCERT, Australia’s premier data security event, to design and launch a DDoS attack against Micron21 in real time. They will be invited to do so during Micron21’s live demonstrations.

Braunegg says: “While DDoS attack methods are constantly evolving, the business risks involved remain the same. To stay ahead of these increasingly complex challenges, companies must invest in DDoS protection. Micron21 continually improves the way we guard against such attacks. We stop them from hindering network performance by acting quickly and diligently to rectify any security issues, regardless of the size or scope of the challenge involved.”

He adds: “We are so confident in our abilities in providing DDoS protection for online services that we are inviting all-comers at AusCERT to test our DDoS mitigation capabilities, in real time.

IT professionals may select their attack target within either a Micron21 protected or unprotected network, to see the mayhem is created, along with seamless mitigation. Participants can choose the duration, size and other attack configurations before launching their attacks and committing ‘çyber terrorism’. In real time, they will see how Micron21’s systems identify, monitor and mitigate each attack.

The AusCERT conference takes place in Queensland on May 25-26. Micron21’s demonstration takes place at booth B25-B26. James Braunegg and key members of the Micron21 and NSFOCUS teams will be available to answer questions.

Micron21 protects businesses with industry-leading DDoS solutions. The company takes a comprehensive approach to mitigating such attacks. DDoS/mitigation protection employs multiple layers of physical hardware to inspect, scan and filter traffic at the packet layer. There are four protective barricades to the company’s protection (see image). Brocade Edge Routers identify and sustain legitimate traffic. NSFOCUS DDoS Mitigation inspects the metadata of packets for known attack patterns against a zero day database, while instructing A10 load balancers to distribute clean traffic. Juniper Firewalls provide a final layer of defence at the client.

Established in August 2009, Micron21 provides and operates state-of-the-art cloud and data centre services certified to an ISO 27001 standard, within an Uptime Institute Certified Tier IV environment.

Micron21 delivers mission critical services by owning and operating its own world class, fully redundant data centre. The data centre provides continuous power, cooling, physical and electronic security and highly redundant data transmission services. The core business products include: Server Co-location, DDoS Protection as-a-Service, virtual and physical dedicated servers, cloud services, domain names, high performance webhosting, Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions, load balancing, IP transit, fixed wireless network services, point to point fibre services, security services, Backup and Infrastructure as-a-Service, managed services and solution architecture. Its customers include global medium and enterprise-level corporations, government departments, Internet Service Providers, and wholesale resellers.

For all media interviews and enquiries, please contact:

James Braunegg,, (03) 9751 7690

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