Micron21 partners with NSFOCUS for protection against distributed denial of service attacks

Learn how the largest peered network in Australia mitigates DDoS attacks.

Micron21’s six data centers connect over 1,500 global networks, making it the largest peered network in Australia — and an irresistible target for DDoS attacks. Micron21 joined forces with NSFOCUS to implement an easy-to-use solution that can identify and stop malicious attacks, without interrupting business operations.

Micron21 conducted a thorough analysis of Anti-DDoS solutions in the market and decided to evaluate solutions from four leading vendors. We wanted to optimise their decision around reliability, accuracy, price/performance, ease of-use and flexibility. Furthermore, we wanted to select a vendor that treated them as a partner, working with them to ensure that the solution met their current needs and plans for future growth. After comprehensive lab testing, the NSFOCUS ADS solution was the clear winner.

The NSFOCUS ADS solution uses an innovative, multi-stage approach to monitoring, detecting and mitigating the most complex DDoS attacks. All packets are subjected to a series of algorithms to accurately identify malicious traffic. These include Anti-spoofing, Protocol Analysis, Custom Application Analysis, User Behavior Analysis, Dynamic Fingerprint Recognition and Rate Limiting. Together these algorithms provide industry leading accuracy that protects against both known and zero-day exploits.

For more information on Micron21 and NSFOCUS, read the full case study here.

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