Micron21 prepares to launch DDoS mitigation datacentre

An organisational growth spurt sees us meet demand challenge in our quest for Tier IV certification.

Micron21 has been featured in an article by Jennifer Foreshew in The Australian. The article covers the period of growth experienced by our organisation, and the solutions we provide for our clients.

Our transition from selling hosting services to our clients, to expanding to highly redundant and scalable infrastructure has been one fueled by demand.

“We started building customised environments. As part of the experience we wanted to extend, and we always knew that hardware load balancing was obviously very important for our customers, especially our high-profile clients that require large amounts of simultaneous connections in an environment that cannot fail,” says managing director James Braunegg.

We have embarked on an $8 million-dollar journey to upgrade our Kilsyth facility. Our use of A10 hardware has allowed us to increase data centre efficiency while reducing management overhead costs. We hope to continue leading process by providing only the most secure, excellent and premium services for our clients.

If you'd like to learn more about Tier IV and what it means for Micron21's service offering, you can get in touch or read the full article here.

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