The world of White Night – Micron21 custom cloud application stack

Melbourne’s largest 12-hour annual event powered by Micron21.

The preparation for the White Night infrastructure began in early February 2014. Working closely with ACMN Marketing & Advertising, Micron21 aimed to provide concurrent access to greater than 1 million simultaneous visitors. This number could require access to event information via online communication for the duration and lead up of the festival.

The White Night website, powered by WordPress, represented a single point of contact for every Victorian who required up to date timetable information for the 12-hour event.

The website allowed the people of Melbourne to download maps and obtain information for numerous events being run over the course of the festival, ensuring constant communication was supplied to all those who required it throughout the night.

The challenge was to build scalable infrastructure which would not fail or slow down under any circumstance, maintain a high level of concurrent visitors, whilst at the same time being cost-effective within a pay for usage model.

The Micron21 Custom Cloud Application Stack (MCCAS) provided the White Night Festival the ability to horizontally scale infrastructure instantly by having spare capacity ready for any outcome or load requirement, within a pay for use ecosystem.

This platform was the perfect solution for supporting large amounts of spontaneous users for large events such as event hosting, TV advertising, e-commerce, government applications and online news. These high-profile services require mission critical, world class web hosting services which can be delivered directly by Micron21.

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For more information on Micron21's solution for White Night Melbourne, read the full case study here.

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