WINNER - Maroondah Business Excellence Awards 2019

As part of an effort to acknowledge and support business excellence in the City of Maroondah, this year the Maroondah City Council made the decision to restart the Maroondah Business Excellence Awards.

The awards covered five different categories, including:

Innovation and Technology

Excellence in business innovation in the development of products, systems, or technology

Manufacturing and Product Design

Excellence in manufacturing and product design

Construction, Trades, and Related Supply Chain

Excellence in business engaged in the construction and building maintenance industry

Collaboration and Partnership

Excellence working in collaboration with other businesses or community organisations

Service Excellence

Excellence in providing goods or services to customers, business or government

Micron21 was nominated within the Innovation and Technology category. Out of over 150 initial business nominees, only 32 were shortlisted to become finalists and go through a formal evaluation.

The evaluation process as part of the awards was conducted by an independent body of industry experts along with representatives from the Maroondah Council itself. It covered areas such as business strategy, technical capabilities and innovation in the area of information technology.

So it is with great pride that we would like to announce that Micron21 has won the Innovation and Technology Award.

We are very grateful for the honor of receiving this award and also for the opportunity to meet with other businesses in the local area and congratulate them on their achievements.

The road that led us here

Since our very beginning we aimed to be more than just a Data Centre, not just providing secure and fully redundant facilities and hosting, but also looking to provide all the IT needs for businesses in the Maroondah area and beyond.

Whether it was simple single website hosting, internet connections, co-locating servers, or handling the internal IT infrastructure for businesses, we wanted to help clients no matter what IT problems they needed solving.

With that goal in mind, that meant that we needed continual innovation to make sure that we were experts in all the different tools, software, and hardware needed to provide the right solutions to those problems.

Receiving this award reaffirms that we are on the right path in meeting those goals.

A recognition of our achievements

The judging panel were impressed with a number of our Australian firsts in technology and the innovative way that this was achieved for Australian customers.

Some of that innovation includes:

Being Australia’s first Tier IV Data Centre

Our Data Centre was the first to be certified by the Uptime Institute with a Tier IV Design and as a Tier IV Facility in Australia. This means that our Data Centre is fault tolerant; has multiple independent and physically isolated power, cooling, and data transmission methods; and also has replicated storage systems that provide redundancy all of which prevent any single failure from impacting the services we provide.

Having one of the most reliable VMware Cloud platforms in the world

Our VSAN storage seamlessly joins all storage devices within our hyper-converged cluster into a shared data pool, allowing customers to easily scale up or down their storage usage as their needs change.

This in combination with our hyper-converged compute, hyper-converged networking, and Tier IV certified power/cooling infrastructure makes the Micron21 Cloud one of the most reliable VMware Cloud platforms in the world.

Australia’s own DDoS mitigation platform

We have offered enterprise level DDoS mitigation services since 2013 and protect some of Australia’s largest companies and agencies from crippling DDoS attacks. As such, we have built a strong reputation as Australia’s most trusted provider of DDoS prevention services.

It’s due to the fact that we’re on the cutting edge of technology that our customers trust us to provide IT solutions for their businesses.


We would like to acknowledge and congratulate our customers AQVA and Calgraphics (who were shortlisted under the Manufacturing and Product Design Award) for their outstanding contribution to the local community and beyond.

We would also like to thank our partner LightFM for attending and for their involvement in the awards.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our customers for their support. We will continue to innovate, improve and to make sure that we’re always providing the best service and technology to meet your needs.

For any enquiries please contact Rita Mrakas at

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