SFTP/NAS Backups

Our network-attached storage (NAS) is purpose-engineered for disaster recovery back-up solutions.

Rapid file restoration is enabled through Ethernet services utilising RAID 6 technology. Access to the NAS can be performed via SFTP or SMB services. It is ideally suited for the cPanel Backup utility or as an additional share for storage.

Why use NAS Backup?

  • Backups are fast to restore, good for recovery time objectives (RTOs).
  • Contains all required metadata to re-deploy the backup as a new cPanel account.
  • Manual recovery of individual databases, emails or files through archive extraction.
  • Can be scheduled automatically (by administrative settings) or initiated manually (inside cPanel).
  • Remote or local storage.

cPanel Backup Utility

We actively support the configuration of cPanel backups in conjunction with the purchase of a cPanel license. This backup utility enables fully restorable compressed archives of the accounts on your server. Each account is packaged into its own archive, along with all the web content, email, databases and other miscellaneous settings.

Administrators can rapidly restore the selected account in the event of data loss, and quickly have the website and related content restored and online. The package maintains a human-readable directory structure, so selective backup restoration is viable in an emergency scenario. All that's required is an extraction operation on the archive, and an administrator is able to locate inadvertently deleted or altered files easily.

The inbuilt utility lets you save the archives to a local disk, a remote server by FTP, or even data services such as Dropbox. We recommend that the cPanel backup utility be used in conjunction with the Live Image Backup solution (providing that you have a virtual appliance). This offers multiple layers of protection, covering both individual account corruption and data loss (cPanel Backups) as well as catastrophic server-wide corruption (Full Image Backups).

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