Transferring Your Domain to Micron21

You will first need an account on Micron21’s Domain Panel. You can do this by signing up at:

In order to transfer domains to your Micron21 account, you will need to get the domain passwords for each of the domains you wish to move. These are also sometimes called "authentication codes", "domain secrets", "domain keys" or "EPP codes". These are required, as they act as keys for each domain.
Please note: If you do come across a code that is less than 10 characters long, we suggest updating this to being more than 10 characters long to avoid issues with the transfer process. These shorter codes are often associated with older domains.

Once you have these codes, you can then begin the transfer process. To transfer a domain to your Micron21 account, please click on the "Transfer Now" button on your account dashboard.

You will then be prompted for the domain you wish to transfer. Enter your domain and click on "Search".

You will then be asked to provide a Domain Password and select a Support Level. Please select "Normal" from the dropdown menu here.

Please note:

  • .au domains are free to transfer between registrars.
  • All other domains will incur a transfer fee. This fee is the same cost as, and includes, a 1-year registration of the domain. This means that if you transfer a .com domain, you will have to purchase a further year of renewal for the domain as part of the process.

If any of the domains you have entered here require updates to registrant details, you will now be prompted for them. This step is not required when transferring .au domains and will be automatically skipped.

You will then be prompted for payment, using either a new card or a saved card on file. Note that as .au domains do not require payment for transfer, and you can simply click on "Transfer" here without entering card details.

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You will need to register a new account if this is the first time lodging a ticket.

If you have previous lodged a ticket either online, email or over the phone you will already have an account. Please reset your password, if you have not logged into the support portal before.

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