Setting up AutoSSL for your cPanel account

SSL certificates allow users to access websites over an encrypted connection. Whilst SSL certificates can be purchased for periods of 12 months, your cPanel account can apply free AutoSSL certificates for your websites, which will allow visitors to visit your website in a safe and secure manner. If you need help deciding on whether to use a free or paid SSL certificate, please contact our Sales team for assistance.


  1. Under the "Security" header, select "SSL/TLS Status".
    Click here to show the screenshot

  2. Click on "Run AutoSSL".
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In order for AutoSSL to secure your domain with a free SSL certificate, your website must be hosted in your cPanel account. AutoSSL cannot secure websites hosted elsewhere (Squarespace, Shopify etc.)

You can choose which domains and subdomains you want to be covered by AutoSSL by ticking the checkbox next to them and selecting either the "Exclude Domains from AutoSSL" or "Include Domains during AutoSSL" options at the top of the list. You may wish to exclude domains if:

  • You want to secure a specific domain or subdomain with a paid SSL certificate
  • Your website is hosted elsewhere
  • Your domain is not yet registered or points to your cPanel account

If you are having trouble issuing an AutoSSL certificate for your domain, it may be because you have an existing certificate installed. For steps on how to uninstall existing SSL certificates, please see this article.

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