Using FTP/SSH Webauth with Micron21 Shared Web Hosting services

As a security measure, before you can use FTP, sFTP, MySQL or SSH to connect to your Micron21 website hosting plan you will need to authorise connections from your IP address.

The following guide will list the steps required to authorise your IP address.


  1. In a web browser window, go to
    Click here to show the screenshot 

  2. Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge (the "I'm not a robot" box)
    Click here to show the screenshot

This process will automatically authorise your IP address to access FTP, sFTP, MySQL and SSH on your website hosting plan for 24 hours. You will need to authorise yourself again after this period.

If you have a web application that relies on FTP or MySQL connections that cannot be authorised in this way, please contact support for assistance.

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